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The city of Erie is governed by a mayor–council government. The council government consists of a seven-member city council which prepares legislation and conducts oversight. Members are elected to four-year terms, with the terms of the council designed to be overlapping.Term: 4 YearSalary: $10,000.

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Información Biográfica

How do you plan to involve residents in the decision making process for the city of Erie? Please indicate your ideas that reach beyond simply attending meetings.

Public meetings should be civil and respectful. How would you work with City Council members to make sure this is the case?

Education B.A. Marquette University; journalism major, minors in political science & theology.
Qualifications As a seasoned editor and columnist at the Erie Times-News, I researched the issues that face our community. Now retired, I have used those research strategies and communication skills in my 1st Erie City Council term, focusing on neighborhood revitalization, equity/inclusion and transparency.
As a walker, bicyclist and (pre-COVID) an EMTA bus rider, I know that one way to involve residents in decision-making is to listen to voices, during informal conversations and at neighborhood meetings. Since I took office in 2017, I have also advocated opening up the process for residents to apply to serve on boards and authorities, where important decisions are made about revitalizing neighborhoods, economic development, environmental issues and spending/investment. Renee Lamis, Mayor Joe Schember's chief of staff, has been a great partner in making sure that openings are advertised and that a diverse group of applicants are interviewed. I have used that process for appointments Task forces and advisory groups can also be effective tools.
I credit Councilwoman Kathy Schaaf with seeking out a trainer from Pittsburgh to work with the current council for a civility training course. We have approved the proposal but haven't set a date yet. I am a big believer in the "train the trainer" concept. After current council members are trained, we can share what we learn with incoming council members or ask the trainer to repeat the course annually. We would also benefit from issue-oriented training with Pa. Municipal League and from lunch-and-learn sessions (when we return to City Hall) with members of the administration. In addition, I have suggested to Kathy Schaaf that we do walks with our council colleagues, to learn about their neighborhoods and to build personal relationships.
Education • Indiana University – Masters in Business Administration (MBA) • Missouri State University – Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Minor in Economics • Nestle Lean Six Sigma Certification • Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) – 2007
Qualifications Corporate executive, lived/worked in many states, City of Erie business owner/operator, entrepreneur, President / Board Member Montessori in the Woods. Asst Treasurer / Board Member Child Development Centers (CDC). Married w/ 3 children 6 yrs and under.
My first and foremost role is to collaborate with City Council, City Government, and other Stakeholders to ensure we are effectively representing the Erie City Taxpayers. My experience with running companies, budgeting, strategic planning, project management, operations, management, and leadership will drive robust discussions to maximize transparency. My areas of focus are simple: Experienced budget oversight, understanding, and transparency; business and economic growth resulting in better opportunities for current residents as well as future residents; and modernizing government and growing the economy in an effort to reduce property taxes resulting in more disposable income for all.
Treat all individuals with respect and enable collaborative discussion and debate. Every person on City Council brings a unique set of experience and capabilities. Based on my experience in business and life, I've found the best decisions are generally the result of fostering a collaborative environment allowing for robust and respective data driven discussion and debate. I would operate in the same manner on City Council.
Education Graduated for Medical Assistant from Great Lakes institute of technology in 2013. Graduated from Pa Cyber Charter School in 2012.
Qualifications -Community organizer - Community activist - East side resident - Current lived experience of surviving city life for community residents working and living in our city.
Endorsements Run for something 2021 Pa United PAC Erie County United
As a community organizer and activist my ideas involve long hours of engaging community members. You have to meet our community in their space at their homes and on their doors. We have to make sure that public announcements are given to the community more frequently then they are now. Community members need to know about important decisions long before the desicion is made. I want to see more online meeting options and possibly a city council Q&A or virtual townhall a month.
The behavior on city council has not been respectful or civil. The misogynistic behavior has been disturbing to witness during public meetings and now virtually. I learned to give respect when respect is given and the current behavior on council is going to be interesting. I do not follow blindly so giving respect just because that is expected is going to be a hard line. If someone is wrong I expect them to be held accountable and the community to be aware of the issue or problem. If someone is being a bully and making remarks that are inappropriate, I expect them to be held accountable. I plan to follow the rules and give respect, but I also expect the same courtesy when working for the betterment of our city and community members.
Education BA in Religion from Lindenwood University MDiv Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary DMin in Missional Leadership from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary (2 classes and dissertation remaining)
Qualifications The church I pastor is primarily focused on the homeless community downtown and we have come up with an innovative service program to provide community service in our city and a revenue source for our ministry. I have a number of local community and nonprofit roles.
Endorsements An announcement will be made in May from a number of elected officials. ERIE FIREFIGHTERS AFSCME
As my doctorate dissertation is regarding building community that transcends race and class, I believe that I am uniquely positioned to be a leader that listens to the community and upholds its values.
First and foremost by example, secondly with relationships to build trust and address disrespect directly.
Education M.Ed, School Administration and Leadership, Edinboro University BA, Elementary Education, Westminster College
Qualifications Local author, musician, and educator Maurice “Mo” Troop runs for Erie City Council to serve you and our community. His experiences as an educational leader and community organizer come from the well-known Meredith family in Erie for having the heart to serve others.
Endorsements Endorsed by Mel Witherspoon, Erie City Council.
I would collaborate with city council members on the best ways to reach Erie Citizens. Some ideas I would bring to the table include large group meetings based on the areas determined by the Erie Refocus Plan, making phone calls, going door-to-door and speaking with residents, using social media, and setting up online polls or mail surveys.

I agree public meetings should be respectful and civil. First and foremost, as elected officials, we are there to listen to the citizens respectfully. At each meeting, we can announce to the citizens how we will conduct ourselves as officials. As leaders, we must provide sufficient structure, so the meeting accomplishes its goals to bring about a positive atmosphere for collaboration. Councilmembers should undergo ongoing training about issues the citizens are passionate about and how to maintain their composure during meetings. Council members should use language that treats everyone fairly and is non-confrontational towards each other and citizens.