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Lewisburg Borough Council Ward 3

Description of office: There are 6 to 8 council members in each borough with half elected every 2 years. Borough Council members meet once monthly and are responsible for enacting, revising, repealing, and amending ordinances and resolutions that govern and are beneficial to the borough, but are not inconsistent with the laws of the Commonwealth. The Council appoints other borough officers such as secretary, treasurer, solicitor, manager, etc., but no council member can also be a borough employee. The Borough Council has the power to make, authorize, and ratify expenditures for lawful purposes from available funds or from funds borrowed within legal limits. Additionally, each member serves on at least one committee such as planning, police, public works, or finance.Term: 4 yearsSalary: $100 per monthVote for ONE.

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    David Alan Heayn

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What do you see as the biggest challenge your borough/township faces at this time, and how would you address it?

Education BA Villanova University, 2007 MA Villanova University, 2009 MPhil The Graduate Center of the City University of New York, 2014 PhD The Graduate Center of the City University of New York, in progress
Qualifications Councilman Lewisburg Borough Lewisburg Historic Architectural Review Board Member Shade Tree Commission Member Former BVRA Board Member
The biggest problem that faces the Borough of Lewisburg is the pressing need for a long term plan for sustainable and equitable development. The Borough has a restricted geographic area, limited space for development, and the ever present threat of living in a flood zone. We need leadership which can work with our neighbors and partners, listen to and address community and commercial needs, plan for a housing environment which maintains and fosters our community, and prepare for future environmental changes. Lewisburg is an amazing community with many human resources and with the proper leadership we can prepare for the issues on the horizon. This means understanding and preparing for a future before it happens, not simply reacting.
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