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4 year term

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    George C Andrews

  • Larry Dymond

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    Jason Gullstrand

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    Roy Horton

  • Wayne Rohner

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    Richard Schlameuss

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What do you see as the biggest issue facing your school district and how would you recommend addressing it?

Campaign Phone (610) 248-0310
Campaign email GeorgeForESSchoolBoard@gmail.com
Education BS Food Science, Minor Chemistry, Penn State US Army Basic/Advanced Officer's Coarse, PSBA Basic and Advanced Coarse
Current Occupation Retired
Qualifications for Office East Stroudsburg Area School District: -Board Member (2017 to present) -Board Vice President (2018-2019) -Committees (on/was on) : Property & Facilities; Finance, Policy, Education, Comprehensive Planning, Disciplinary Judgement Board, Administration Employee/Employment Hiring Board. PA Fair Funding Member
There are a number of issues that come to the forefront of the school board that we are currently addressing (among others): 1) How do we educate our students - Brink-and -mortar, Virtual, ESACA (Cyber School) 2) Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion - With the change in demographics in the region and to offer equity to "all" students and families DEI becomes extremely important. 3) The upcoming professional staff contract- Retention, Hiring, Furloughs 4) The major issues with the Property and Facilities 5) School Budget and Taxes - We have not raised taxes in eight years, due to the Pandemic and the increase in parents sending their children to Charter schools and the added costs of special ed which the district must pay for we are running a deficit. 6) Fair Funding for the school district - ESASD is underfunded by about $13 million per year under the current funding formula. Along with other under funded districts I and working to get our fair share so we don't need to raise taxes.

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Campaign Phone (570) 807-7482
Education Undergraduate degree: Secondary Education from East Stroudsburg University Graduate degree: Educational Technology from Wilkes University
Current Occupation 8th grade U.S. History teacher at Pocono Mountain School District
Qualifications for Office This is my second time in office as a school board director, and my knowledge of the position can only come from experience.
One of the many issues school districts face is equal opportunity for all students. Whether it is athletic, academic or any other extra-curricular; it is imperative that the district strives to meet the needs of those students. Our district continues to do an outstanding job addressing DEI within our district. By allowing this program to not only exist, but to flourish, has brought students in our district new found hope moving forward. It is important that the district does not lose focus, that the changes are organic and become the norm for future generations.
Campaign Phone (570) 460-7336
Campaign email Royrhorton@yahoo.com
Education Some College. United States Naval Machinist Mate School.
Current Occupation General Manager at Raymour & Flanigan
Qualifications for Office I'm a parent to one child who has attended our district from kindergarten through graduation. I have a daughter still in elementary school in our district. I have served as a board member previously on our board, the MCTI board and several committees. As a business manager for almost 3 decades, I have always been responsible for profitable growth and achieving yearly sales budgets in excess of 30 million dollars, while managing large teams.
With the change in the way we all do things since Covid-19 has plagued us, I believe we need board members who have had experience navigating and managing in stressful and diverse situations. We need members who understand that this is not a political position and are capable of serving our tax payers, our teachers and our students all at the same time. This is a very delicate mix and "real world" experience is needed to ensure that our district continues to go in the right direction. I have managed businesses in Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn and Staten Island, as well as in Monroe County and the lehigh valley. I did not continue my service with school board after my first term because of my commute impacting my availability and family time. After donating my left kidney to one of my employees in Brooklyn and seeing how precious life really is, I decided to transfer back to PA and have more time to do what I love...spending time with my beautiful family and serving my community.
Campaign email wayner@redstonerun.com
Education East Stroudsburg High School Graduate Class of 1980. Background is in Administration/Enforcement of Municipal Codes. Former Building Code Official
Current Occupation Realtor with Redstone Run Realty
Qualifications for Office Resident of School District, Continuing Education Classes from PSBA.
1. We need to close the digital divide in our district, this means that we need affordable internet service for low income families. Similar to New York, we need a resolution to support our State to pass a law that requires all Internet Service Providers operating in this state to offer $15 a month broadband option for low-income consumers. 2. We need to build a science themed playground at one of a our district properties, that experiments with science games, learning the basics of physics and chemistry. 3. Demand that our District Administration comply with School Law, Board Policy and Administrative Regulations. This should allow the Board to decrease Special Education Settlement costs. 4. We need to adapt to change and improve communication with our community taxpayers. There is a huge increase in the number of families choosing outside Charter Schools for education. Why is that? Our District has a poor record with transparency, accountability, and communication.
Campaign Phone (570) 431-0430
Campaign email rich@schlameuss.info
Education West Virginia University, BA Political Science, 1993
Current Occupation Assistant Executive Director, Monroe County Transportation Authority
Qualifications for Office I serve and have served as a board member for several non-profits in Monroe County over the past 10 years and I am familiar with the needs and issues of our residents. Previous to living in Monroe County, I have worked at non-profits, government agencies, and private companies in Boston, MA, Charleston, WV, and Morgantown WV. This experience has provided me with many learning opportunities regarding governance, finance, and operations of large and small institutions. I have served as a school board member for the past four years and as board president for the past two. My focus over the past two years has been to improve the operational performance of the board so that we can be better stewards of the district. We still have a way to go, but we are heading in the right direction.
COVID-19 is the biggest issue that public education faced in 100 years. Every aspect of education has been challenged, from the physical learning environment, funding, staffing, athletics, busing - all were turned upside down. ESASD was ahead of the pandemic, as it provided a laptop for each student, developed its own cyber academy, had teachers who understood technology, and had its own staff of cafeteria and bus drivers to deliver meals and homework assignments via buses. But new challenges arise. Funding is the new critical challenge as new long term additional state funds are not available and private cyber charter school tuition is decimating school budgets. I will address these issues by continuing to advocate for our fare share of funding. As a district, we need to reach out to families who chose to send their children to private cyber charter schools and encourage them to enroll in the district's program. These are not insurmountable problems, but will require persistence.