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Middle Smithfield Township Auditor

6 year term

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    Steven Browning

  • James R Furiosi

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Do you have specific suggestions for improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the office for which you are a candidate?

Campaign email responsibleauditor@currently.com
Education BS Psychology - Ohio State University; MS Information Technology - Southern New Hampshire University
Current Occupation Chairman of Men's Ministries - FBCES
Qualifications for Office Church Financial Chairman - 4 years; 8 MBA credit hours - Trinity University; Grey Eagles 501(c)(3) Corporation -Financial Responsibility Board - 2 years
According to the Monroe County Democrat Website (https://www.monroepadems.com/elections/elected-offices), Auditors are "responsible for reviewing the revenues and expenses of the townships." As such, auditors should be required to attend Board of Supervisor Meetings on more than a spotty basis.

If elected, I will devote the time to attend six or more Board of Supervisor Meetings per year in order to keep up with the flow of financial events in Middle Smithfield Township. This will result in more current and informed information pertaining to township finances and improve the chances for successful audits during the six-year term of office.
Campaign Phone (570) 431-9452
Campaign email Jfuriosi@ptd.net
Education Masters of Education, Mansfield 2008 Masters of Arts, SUNY Cortland 1997 Bachelors of Arts, SUNY Cortland 1994
Current Occupation Quality Manager
Qualifications for Office I have experience auditing fiscal reports for providers and screening them for risk. I am also a certified investigator through the Pennsylvania Office of Developmental Programs and have reviewed financial statements before for improprieties. I have also served as President of a local church and helped with budgetary matters and was on the Board of my property association.
As a taxpayer of Middle Smithfield and a year round resident, I have a vested interest in how our tax dollars are spent. Our township uses Riley and Company to audit the finances each year. As an auditor, I would evaluate the quality of financial reports and examine how our tax dollars are being spent so that our township can be in the best fiscal position possible.