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4 year term

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    Cindy Blake

  • Erin Derosa

  • Nicholas A Full

  • Benjamin A George

  • John Jake Jakobsen

  • Kathleen M Kilker

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    June M Pepe

  • Alexander Reincke

Información Biográfica

What do you see as the biggest issue facing your school district and how would you recommend addressing it?

Campaign Phone (570) 730-7148
Campaign email You can find me on FaceBook @ Cindy Blake School Board or email me @ Cindylouuwho@yahoo.com
Education East Stroudsburg High School, East Stroudsburg State College majoring in Psychology
Current Occupation Pre Kindergarten Teacher, Remote learning assistant
Qualifications for Office I worked with students and teachers in the school district for 20+ years in an active role. I have experience on Stroudsburg School Board including negotiating contracts. I served as a member of the MCTI board and was part of their negotiation team. As a Pre K and remote learning teacher, I interact and assist students from early grade levels to grade 7. I have managed staff at Shawnee Mt. Ski Area. I gained people skills working in Guest services for 15 years.
Curriculum is my biggest concern. We need to make an effort to get SACA curriculum in line with the school district’s curriculum and have our teachers run the SACA. SACA should be a viable option for any family in SASD. This was the original goal. Having the cyber option taught by SASD teachers using SASD curriculum will be beneficial not only in getting students that have left to return, but for those in situations where in person learning isn't an option, like homebound instruction or students with disciplinary problems. The cost savings benefit would include the district not having to pay outside entities or tutors to educate these kids. All instructional needs would be met in house. Checks and balances need to be considered in the delivery of education to all SASD students. The board and admin need to collaborate and focus on helping our students, staff and community flourish. Communication must be better with more transparency to all who have a vested interest in our success.
Campaign Phone (570) 856-9188
Campaign email Erinderosa3@gmail.com
Education Bachelor of Fine Arts from Southampton University
Qualifications for Office My name is Erin DeRosa. I have lived in the Stroudsburg area since 2003. My husband and I moved here with a brand-new baby girl, who graduated with the class of 2021. I have three girls total, ages 18,16 and 12, who have all been students in the Stroudsburg School District. I was a stay-at-home mom for the first few years, and then slowly went back to work. I was a weekly columnist for the Pocono Record for a number of years. I then began my own magazine here in the area called Stroudsburg Neighbors. In 2016, I was approached by newly elected State Rep Maureen Madden to do some part time writing and constituent service work for her, which quickly morphed into a full-time position. I am now her District Office Director. I am going on my third term with Representative Madden. While I have been typically more comfortable in a "supporting" role, I see the desperate need for good people to step up and serve on the Board. I am ready for this challenge. I come from a family of proud union members. My father was a New York City Firefighter, and I have too many uncles to count who served in the NYPD. They were all union members. These personal experiences still influence me to this day in deciding how I vote. If a candidate is not pro-union, they do not receive my vote. I hold teachers in the highest regards as well. Being a teacher is one of the most important jobs. Teachers are role models. Teachers guide. Teachers inspire. I am so pleased with the education that my children have received in the Stroudsburg Area School District. I have watched my girls go through Arlington and Chipperfield Elementary, the Middle School, Junior High and now the High School. Through those years, they have had the most incredible teachers, and received so much support from staff, coaches...the list is endless. My oldest daughter graduated and is now attending Allegheny College with a full academic scholarship. I have no doubt this is due to not just her hard work, but the work and support of every teacher she has had. My other girls are high honor roll students, and this again, I attribute to their amazing teachers. Listening to my children attend school online this past year has been eye opening and serves as a testament to how hard the teachers have been able to adapt and work through this global pandemic. My girls could not be where they are in life if it were not for the teachers and staff of Stroudsburg School District. I am the product of public schools. I would love to see smaller class sizes and more respect for teachers. Devaluing teachers and support staff hurts education. I also would like to see students have a stronger voice. I am a huge proponent of inclusiveness. When you walk into the high school, on the door it states, "Hate has no home here." I would like to help this motto come to fruition. Inclusiveness is a value that needs to be constantly practiced and implemented, not merely a catch phrase. I humbly ask for your support to help UNITE the district.
What we can do as a school board is to listen to teacher and student needs. We can all agree that we all want our children to be educated in the best way possible. To do that, we need to talk to parents, teachers and the students themselves. We all have a hand in educating and raising our children. We need to foster an environment that every child and teacher feels included and supported. The Divisiveness that we’ve seen in our country and community over the last few years has not helped our children have a positive community minded experience. If we come together as a community we can help our children grow.
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Campaign email Jakobsen@ptd.net
Education Reading Police Academy, Stroudsburg Graduate 1986
Current Occupation Regional Manager for Moon Construction INC.
Qualifications for Office My history of service is what defines and qualifies me. I served overseas during Operation Desert Storm in the US Army. I returned to serve in local law enforcement for twenty five years before retiring as a detective. I previously served as a Stroudsburg School Board Director for 12 Years.
Funding. As school board directors, we must direct, reappropriate, manipulate, and be creative with our limited resources in an attempt to meet the needs and wants of our students, teachers, staff and community. Each one of their needs are our biggest issues. Class sizes, Technology, Staffing, Training, Counseling, Infrastructure and more: all rely on funding. The School Board does not have the luxury of picking the biggest issue because we must address them all. The Budget process is long and tedious because of the attention that must be paid to every line item. Each line item is somebody’s biggest issue and deserves to be addressed. In my previous 12 years as a School Board Director, I was very involved in hammering out the Budget each year. If invited back to the Board, I know I can make an impact by bringing my experience and willingness to work with all parties. It is time for Stroudsburg School District to work together.
Campaign Phone (570) 992-6094
Education B.A. Trenton State College, NJ M.A.T. Trenton State College
Current Occupation Retired Teacher, Active Volunteer in Community Organizations
Qualifications for Office 25 yrs. as PA Public School Teacher Knows, and willing to work on the BIG issues facing our public schools
One of the biggest challenges facing the Stroudsburg Area School District, and many PA school districts is the current inequitable payments diverted to out-of-district, private and for-profit charter entities. The current charter school funding formula, passed by PA state legislators more than 20 years ago, requires local public school districts to send more money to cyber charter schools than is needed to operate these programs. This unfair formula places an exorbitant burden on districts, who have had to divert millions of dollars of taxpayer-funded revenue to these entities, many of whom are making profits for investors and shareholders at the expense of local communities’ children. Our PA state legislature needs to tackle this inequity and adopt legislation that makes these payments fair. Local school districts and taxpayers should be contacting their state representatives to work on fixing this problem. It’s within their power to do so.
Campaign email pepeforschoolboard@gmail.com
Education Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education and a Master of Education degree in Instructional Technology from East Stroudsburg University
Current Occupation Associate Registrar East Stroudsburg University
Qualifications for Office Former graduate of Stroudsburg. Parent of former students. Degrees in education. Former soccer coach and Sunday School teacher.
The biggest issue is losing our students to cyber school. I believe that we can work together to create an remote learning opportunity for our students which would allow them to retain their connection with the school district and be part of the district.
Campaign email alexreincke97@gmail.com
Education Stroudsburg High School (2015) John F. Kennedy Special Warfare School (2015) B.A. Political Science (international relations concentration): ongoing
Current Occupation Army Reservist, Student
Qualifications for Office Student Representative to the Board (2014-2015) Stroudsburg Schoolboard Director (2017-present) Vice President Stroudsburg Schoolboard (2019-present) Pandemic Response Committee (2020-present) Employee Employer Relations Committee (2018-present) President ESU College Democrats (2018-2019) Defender of PUBLIC education, workers rights, comrade of the marginalized, student advocate
While Stroudsburg faces many crises, all exacerbated by the pandemic and associated economic fallout, none is more pressing than the competition and semi-privatization charter schools have foisted upon us. The current paradigm of public schools forced into paying for the tuition payments of charter students causes massive budgetary wounds; nearly $5.6 million in public tax money is now spent by Stroudsburg sustaining this. In my capacity as Vice President, I have worked closely with our administration and the rest of the board in developing our own domestic counter to the threat posed by ever ballooning cyber costs; SACA (Stroudsburg Area Cyber Academy) is taught by the fantastic staff at Stroudsburg, and provides the unique advantage of keeping students “in district” (i.e. they can participate in extracurricular activities). If reelected, I will double down on investment into SACA, and continue to advocate for state wide charter reform. Harrisburg made this mess, and they must fix it.