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Pocono Mountain School District School Director - Region 2 {_getChooseLabel(this.selections.length)}

4 year term.

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    William Nathan

  • Marion Pyzik

  • Bert Rinehimer

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What do you see as the biggest issue facing your school district and how would you recommend addressing it?

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Campaign Phone (215) 880-0811
Campaign email wnathan@temple.edu
Education BA, Hiram College; MA, Syracuse University; PhD, Syracuse University
Current Occupation Retired
Qualifications for Office I spent 43 years as a mathematics professor, program director, dean, and university administrator at Temple University
Given my background in higher education, I have been interested in the programs of instruction given our students in the PMSD. Much of my experience (in addition to my position in the Department of Mathematics) has been in the area of General Education, dealing with areas like reading, writing, and oral expression; quantitative skills; problem solving abilities; understanding history; studying foreign language; appreciating the arts; and understanding America’s place in the world. To do its job properly, a school board must be able to assist teachers, principals, and other administrators in developing and implementing academic programs of the highest quality. I hope that my election to the Board will add this crucial area of expertise to the policy making responsibilities of the PMSD Board.
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