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Pocono Mountain School District School Director- Region 3

4 year term.

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  • Anna Lopez

  • Michael A Stern

Información Biográfica

What do you see as the biggest issue facing your school district and how would you recommend addressing it?

Education A.A Queensborough Community College - Concentration early childhood development Graduate: Liberal Arts B.A Lehman College - Economics and Political Science M.A. East Stroudsburg University - Leadership, Management and Public Administration
Current Occupation Domestic Engineer (Stay at home mom) For two adorable children 6 and 9 that currently go to the Pocono Mountain School District that I seek a director position for.
Qualifications for Office I have been an Activist for over 30 years and I have been able to bring great changes politically and socially in areas of education, housing, and urban development. I have been found in demonstrations, board rooms and on the NYC School board called the Panel of Educational policy ( under mayoral Control) Appointed to represent the Bronx, not only did I attain resources but I had advocated for all the 1.1 million students in the city. I have been greatly successful in my years of activism specifically in the area of education with student achievement gap closure program development & implementation ( Lead Teacher), procurement accountabilities (Healthy Hearts ), and small class size advocacy (New building creation and space utilization analytics). I am currently the Democratic voters choice for Region 3 Pocono Mountain School Director that represents Coolbaugh township and the Pocono Borough. Excuse, that my name was not a choice on the republican side of our two party primary election; politics got in the way of that one.
My Specific suggestion* for improving both the effectiveness and efficiency of the Pocono Mountain School District is in the creation of a New Vision and Policy Transformation.

There is a great national study that speaks to what makes an effective School Board and the following list of eight are great conclusions to what I specifically would like to work on as a school board member with the other members:


Effective school boards commit to a vision of high expectations for student achievement and quality instruction and define clear goals toward that vision

Effective school boards have strong shared beliefs and values about what is possible for students and their ability to learn, and of the system and its ability to teach all children at high levels.

Effective School boards are accountability driven, spending less time on operational issues and more time focused on policies to improve student achievement.

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