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City of Pittsburgh Mayor

The executive, administrative and law enforcement powers of the city are vested in the mayor. The mayor shall control and be accountable for the executive branch of city government. Term of Office: 4 yearsSalary: $114,080

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    Edward C. Gainey

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    Tony Moreno

Información Biográfica

What is your record of accomplishment in Affordable Housing and what are your plans for the future?

What policy changes would you recommend to improve police accountability?

What kinds of strategies would you pursue to address the multiple and interconnected challenges of climate change, social, environmental and economic justice?

Last Name Gainey
First Name Ed
Campaign Web Site http://gaineyformayor.com
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/gaineyformayor
twitter https://twitter.com/gaineyformayor
District Currently represents House District 24 in the General Assembly, Democratic Nominee for Mayor of the City of Pittsburgh
Education Morgan State University Class of 1994; Peabody High School Class of 1988
Qualifications for office Raised by a single mom in East Liberty and the first in his family to go to college, Ed has spent years fighting the inequality that too many Pittsburghers have faced for decades. In Harrisburg, he's fought to raise the minimum wage, increase transit funding, and reform our criminal justice system.
As a State Representative, I've championed the development of affordable housing in my district and fought on behalf of residents facing displacement. As Mayor I will invest in housing every Pittsburgher can afford. That means: 1) using the leverage of the City’s planning process to demand community benefit agreements and inclusionary contracting practices from developers rather than rubber stamping their plans, 2) deploying tools like Community Land Trusts, the Land Bank, and Inclusionary Zoning to build neighborhoods that are accessible for everyone, and 3) focusing the resources of the Housing Authority and URA on expanding affordable housing options, preventing displacement, and protecting neighborhoods from predatory development.
We need to change the way we police this city. If elected, I'm committed to real police reform that ensures that no Pittsburgher lives in fear of crime, or of the police. That means: 1) demilitarizing police equipment and training to break the “us vs them” mentality between police and community, 2) redirecting resources from militarized gear and tactics into implementing community policing strategies, 3) establishing alternative response procedures that allow social and healthcare workers to respond non-violent and mental health emergencies instead of police, 4) fighting for use of force reform to change the rules of engagement between police and the public and make it easier to hold officers accountable when they abuse their power.
Interconnected injustices require an intersectional response. If we attempt to address exclusion in silos, people who face multiple injustices end up falling through the cracks. Breaking through those silos requires active leadership that understands how inequalities compound for our most marginalized communities. As Mayor I’m committed to a zero-harm, zero-exclusion agenda that lifts everyone up by focusing on those who have been left furthest behind, defending their right to belong and contribute, and treating them like the assets that they are for our City. The time for simply talking about that reality is over, we need action, and we need to elevate leaders who have those lived experiences to arrive at solutions.
Last Name MORENO
First Name Tony
Middle Name Crawford
Campaign Web Site http://realsteelmayor.com
Facebook Tony Moreno for Pittsburgh Mayor
District 1 Northside
Education Plumber's apprentice credits College credits Mental Health First Aid Certified Crisis Intervention Team Certified Investigations Courses through MPOETC
Qualifications for office 24 years of Public service in The City of Pittsburgh
My plans for the future would be to target existing abandoned buildings and homes, rehab them, and make them available to people currently awaiting housing. I would utilize the local workforce with specific job training to rehab existing buildings. This would be done under the blue-collar trades training programs I have plans for. I would utilize community input for housing needs with regard to who to make the specific properties available.
Annual evaluations upward as well as down the chain of command would be set up. Meaning, the patrol officer would evaluate their sergeants to hold them accountable for their treatment of the officers. Sergeants would evaluate their Lieutenant, in the same manner, the patrol officer would evaluate their Sergeant. This will hold everyone accountable and likely eliminate discrimination and corruption inside of the leadership structure. Leadership training would be prioritized over promotion. Selection for promotion would be based on the individual's body of work, not nepotism or favoritism. The complaint process has shown the police department is failing and lacking in accountability and approval by the citizens of Pittsburgh.
I would increase the forestry department as well as environmental services to enact the plans I have for improved air and water quality. I have a comprehensive plan for job opportunities and training for underserved communities. The start is with drivers licenses (to include driver's training). The ability to drive legally is imperative for opportunities in many fields or trades.