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Bucks County Sheriff

The Sheriff is an elected county official who is the county's chief law enforcement officer. A Sheriff or his deputy is empowered to keep the peace, quell riots, transport prisoners for their appearance in court as well as enforcing commitments of incarceration, serving civil process, executing bench warrants, enforcing court orders and assisting other law enforcement agencies.source: https://www.buckscounty.org/government/RowOfficers/Sheriff/History

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    Fred Harran

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    Mark E. Lomax

Información Biográfica

Beyond your education and experience listed above, what makes you particularly qualified to perform the duties of this office?

What is your highest priority if you are elected as Sheriff?

What do you see as your role in building community relationships and maintaining trust between law enforcement and the community?

Experience I have been with Bensalem Police for 34 years and director of the last 15 years. I am involved in many LE and community organizations which allows me the ability to serve my community fully.
Education BA, Political Science, Arcadia Unv. MS, Criminal Justice Admin, St Joseph's Unv. Police Command
Email address harran4sheriff@gmail.com
Campaign Phone (267) 922-1336
For the past 34 years, I have had the privilege of serving as a Bensalem Township Police Officer, and most recently as the Director of Public Safety for the past 15 years. Protecting and serving my community was the greatest honor of my life. Throughout my tenure with the department, I have focused on reducing crime with innovative technology such as creating the first Countywide DNA database, I have worked to develop new reforms that have increased accountability within our department, and I have created partnerships with civic organizations to benefit my community. Having insight on policing in the 21st century has given me the ability to work with all aspects of the Criminal Justice system, Social Service agencies and the Community. This is accomplished by a progressive approach in combining community policing, technological advancement, innovative law enforcement and intelligence lead policing through teamwork.
My highest priorities as your Sheriff includes, obtaining State and National Accreditation. In 2021, one of the most important aspects of Law Enforcement is to have a policies, procedures, rules and regulations that are accepted in the Law Enforcement community. I will also continue and expand on many of the initiatives I have been doing that bring a premier service to our community. This is only done by working with the other Police Chiefs and organizations in the county. We must continue to create new and lasting relationships, institute new initiatives that tackle drug addiction epidemic and ensure that those selling drugs are held accountable. I will find new ways in dealing with the Mental Health crisis that has such an impact on families and our community. I will work to provide new services for victims of crime and I have some programs ready to go without additional cost to the taxpayer. I will ensure openness and transparency. I can promise you more services for Bucks.
Building relationships and maintaining trust with our is such a key element in policing in 2021. I have over 22 years of executive leadership in municipal policing, I have demonstrated the unique ability to bring policing, municipal government and community together. As the opioid epidemic escalated across Bucks County, our department supported many initiatives and launched BPAIR, “Bensalem Police Assisting In Recovery,” which was the springboard for a similar Bucks County program. As Past President for the Bucks County Police Chief’s Association, I also chaired the committee that developed the 15 Police "Use of Force' policies that are be adopted by all 41 Law Enforcement agencies in our county. I continue to work with the NAACP to ensure the trust that is place upon us, we have the only PD that I know of that has representatives from the NAACP and community on the police hiring board. We must continue transparency, openness and relationship partnerships with the community.
Experience Retired as a Major with the PA State Police. Over 35 years experience in leadership and management. Police management consultant. Warrington Township Supervisor.
Education M.S. Higher Ed. Drexel University; M.B.A. Eastern University; B.A. Psychology LaSalle University
Email address markelomax@outlook.com
Campaign Phone (267) 775-1208
From my early beginnings in the PA State Police, over 40 years ago, to where I am today, I have had a very blessed and fulfilling journey. I was fortunate to have risen in the State Police, from a trooper at the Dublin Barracks to becoming the Director of the Bureau of Training and Education, overseeing the Academy in Hershey, PA, and all the training and education of the 6,500 personnel of the department. My State Police experiences provided me with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to manage and lead large organizations with integrity and honor. I then had other opportunities to work nationally and internationally. These experiences widen my exposure to working with people from various backgrounds. My degrees in business management, education, and psychology provided me with the theoretical foundation for my professional career. And, most importantly, raising my family here in Bucks County is the pinnacle of my experience.
It is evident that as a nation, there is a growing divide between law enforcement and many of the communities they serve. Moreover, the men and women in policing are feeling more marginalized and unappreciated. I am running for Bucks County Sheriff to: 1) Obtain state accreditation of the Sherriff’s Office. Currently, the Bucks County Sheriff's Office is not accredited under the PA Law Enforcement Accreditation Program. I will work diligently to get the Office accredited, ensuring that the agency's operational and administrative components meet the accreditation's professional objectives. 2) Recruit and hire a diverse workforce reflective of our community. 3) Seek and acquire law enforcement grant funding for the Sheriffs’ Office and our local police departments for training, equipment, and community engagement. 4) Coordinate and work with national law enforcement associations to implement best practices and provide education and training opportunities for our officers.
Through my experiences, not only in policing but in academia and spending a year working for the United Nations as a police advisor/program manager in Liberia, West Africa, I will be a Sheriff who builds bridges that do not exist, mend those that do and bring stakeholders together to find common ground and solutions. I have lived in Bucks County for the past 37 years, raised my family here, and I patrolled here as a young State Trooper. I pledge to you that as your Sheriff, I will reach out, listen, find common ground, and make the county safer, more accommodating, and more united.