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Bucks County Magisterial District 07-2-07

Magisterial judges preside over district courts that are responsible for adjudicating all traffic and non-traffic citations as well as processing criminal and private criminal complaints inclusive of arraignments and preliminary hearings, the handling of civil and landlord tenant complaints up to a jurisdictional limit of $12,000 as well as parking violations. All misdemeanor and felony violations are filed in the district courts where they are preliminarily arraigned and afforded a preliminary hearing. At the conclusion of the preliminary hearing the charges are dismissed, waived to court or held for court and referred onto the Court of Common Pleas. Source:�http://www.buckscounty.org/Courts/DistrictCourts

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    Michael "Mick" Petrucci

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    Mark B Zinman

Información Biográfica

What is the most important quality in a judge?

Under what circumstances would you recuse yourself from a case?

Experience Sitting District Judge who has presided fairly over nearly 5,000 hearings and overseen more than 20,000 cases as Judge while coming down from the bench to be active in our community and schools.
Education Certified to serve by the PA Supreme Court AOPC; on-going District Justice continuing education courses; graduate, Council Rock High School.
Email address judge@judgepetrucci.com
There are two main qualities. The first - and most obvious - is experience and the ability to actually serve our community. I have passed the state's stringent certification course and continuing education requirements. I am also the only candidate with experience actually doing the job and years of experience in our local courts before becoming Judge. I have presided over 5,000+ hearings and handled the pressure of facing murderers and violent criminals in the eyes. The second is ensuring that the District Court understands and reflects the values of the community it serves. For nearly six years I have come down from the bench to be involved in our schools, in community events, in civic organizations, and even in marrying local couples. The things I learn there have enabled me to ensure our court is a place where politics and personal beliefs are always set aside so that every case is ruled on fairly, following the law, and giving every resident the opportunity for equal justice.
Any judge - not just myself - should recuse themselves in cases where they have deep personal ties with the parties involved (be they attorneys, plaintiffs or defendants) or an unusual personal knowledge of the specific facts of a case.
Experience Mark is a CPA and managing partner of Zinman & Co., a local public accounting firm, for over 35 years. His expertise extends too, tax advisory, mediation and litigation support.
Education Penn State University (B.S., Accounting), Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified Information Technology Professional (CITP), Charted Global Management Accountant (CGMA)
Email address hello@zinmanforjudge.com
Campaign Phone (215) 260-6992
Twitter @ZinmanForJudge
A judge should demonstrate honesty, integrity, and ethics in all actions, both on and off the bench. I hope that I have served as a positive role model by exemplifying these qualities in my professional and personal life. I will bring this same high standard to the bench when elected district judge. A judge also needs the ability to accurately and effectively analyze information and apply the rule of law fairly and objectively. This is a skill I have developed throughout my career and I look forward to using it to assist and support all members of our community.

For all ethical considerations as a judge, I would refer to the standards set by the Judicial Conduct Board of Pennsylvania and the code of conduct provided by the institution. The code of conduct is a transparent document, where any citizen can freely view the standards. I believe in the effectiveness of the institution and the ethical standards it has set forth for judges throughout the commonwealth.