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Council Rock School District School Director Region 8

4 YR TERM. A school board is a legislative body of citizens called school directors, who are elected locally by their fellow citizens and who serve as the governing body of each public school district. Each board consists of nine members who serve four-year terms of office. Unlike most other elected officials, school directors receive no compensation for their work. Principal duties include appointing and/or dismissing superintendents, principals and teachers; levying school taxes; purchasing land; locating new buildings; adopting textbooks and courses of study; fixing salaries of teachers and other appointees of the Board.

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    Keven Gessner

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    Yota Palli

Información Biográfica

What concerns or issues prompted you to run for School Board, and how do you propose to address them?

Beyond your education and experience listed above, what makes you particularly qualified to perform the duties of a School Board Director?

What priority will you place on DEI training for district teachers and staff?

What, if anything, would you change about the current health and safety plan that has been implemented in your school district and what sources would inform your decision?

Experience I am a Senior Executive with nearly 25 years of experience. Currently I lead commercial teams at a company that manufactures and develops new innovative respiratory and digital health products
Education Graduated Council Rock, Drexel University w/ BA in Accounting, UNC w/ MBA
Email address kevengessner@gmail.com
My campaign has four major platform items listed below. Learn more at www.electkevengessner.com

PLATFORM 1: Best Schools in PA; > We can have excellence in our education with STEAM programs, Innovation programs and other programs that will prepare our kids for the jobs of the future. > Learn more at www.electkevengessner.com

PLATFORM 2: Parents, Children, and Tax Payers First > Parents and children need choices on what best works for your family. > Learn more at www.electkevengessner.com

PLATFORM 3: Increased Fiscal Transparency & Financial Responsibility > Our district has been spending with operating losses for many years. We need a balanced budget or taxes will not be controlled. > Learn more at www.electkevengessner.com

PLATFORM 4: Clear Vision, Strategy, and Plan for Council Rock > We need our administration to have SMART objectives that guide their actions. > Learn more at www.electkevengessner.com
My wife and I have four wonderful children Nathaniel (7), Julianna (5), Marianna (3) and Ellianna (1). Nathaniel is 1st grader and Julianna is kindergartener attending Sol Feinstone. I attended Elementary, Middle & High school in Council Rock; graduating from Council Rock North. I have lived in the Council Rock School district for nearly 40 years which is most of my life. I decided to run for this unpaid position for them and for your children. I am funding this campaign through donations from parents and myself. I am not taking any money from either the republican or democrat parties. Because this is about our kids not about politics.
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Experience MABA, Steering Committee Member. Corfu Palma Boutique Hotel, Owner and CEO. Investor Circle, Diligence Committee Chair. BioCor, Co-founder. Merck Pharmaceuticals, Marketing and Business Development
Education MBA, The Wharton School, U of Penn. MS, Statistics, U of Minnesota. MS Mathematics, U of Minnesota. BS Mathematics, U of Patras.
Email address palli2@icloud.com
Our community is divided and polarized. I plan to bring it together with respect, compassion, empathy and thoughtfulness. We must help our kids academically, socially and emotionally especially as we recover from the pandemic. We can achieve more by being united by our common objectives and civil to each other. The majority of the current school board to date has disregarded the opinions of the medical experts and voted for the students to return to school without proper safety guidelines. We need to protect our children and make sure that schools are open and our children are safe and stay in school. We need to prepare our students to lead in a diverse world where they will work with many different types of people. We need to invest in STEAM education so our children are ready to compete in a global economy. The budget must be balanced properly. I'll advocate for responsible spending, cut waste when necessary and ensure that our students and teachers have the resources they need.
My husband and I have lived in Upper Makefield for 18 years, in Bucks County for more than 25, and we are raising our children here. I have seen firsthand the value of a good education and I am committed to use my knowledge, experience and skills to serve and give back to my community. I believe in science, and in responsible fact-based decision making. I’ll prioritize our students and their education over politics, and I’ll build a strong community of parents and teachers. I’ll passionately advocate for diversity, inclusion and equity. I’ll work hard to keep our district strong and increase our property values. Serving on a board is like running a company; Setting strategy and priorities, creating and balancing budgets, making hiring/firing decisions, working with teams. I have an MBA from the Wharton School in Finance and I have extensive experience running businesses successfully. I’ll bring that experience and fiscal responsibility to the School Board.
Every child is different, and we need to build a community that supports everyone, in every step of their journey from elementary school through high school. We must prepare the next generation to experience a diverse world where they will work with many different types of people. We need to celebrate the diversity that we have and be broadly inclusive. Council Rock School District’s 2019-2023 strategic plan has a well defined strategy to embrace and incorporate diversity in all of its various dimensions, and continue to build an inclusive and welcoming environment for all students and District stakeholders. We need to find out how far along this strategy has been implemented and to take actions to embrace our diversity. We need to understand what the inequities are, and then create a plan to fix them. No bullying should be allowed for anyone who is different, and we must have educational classes and seminars where we teach to be accepting of our differences.
The school district needs to protect the health, safety and well-being of our students based on the advice of well published and validated science. Examples are the CDC, the PA Dept of Health, the Bucks County Health Dept, the American Academy of Pediatrics. The school board members need to follow the advice of the experts in order to protect our children and create mitigation measures to guarantee our children are safe and stay in schools. As long as the experts recommend masking, a mask mandate should be used in order to protect our children and our community from disease. It is important to care about others and not only about ourselves. I understand that for most people it is more comfortable not wearing a mask but it is a small price to pay to keep our kids and staff safe and our schools open.