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Quakertown Community School District School Director Region 2

4 YR TERM. A school board is a legislative body of citizens called school directors, who are elected locally by their fellow citizens and who serve as the governing body of each public school district. Each board consists of nine members who serve four-year terms of office. Unlike most other elected officials, school directors receive no compensation for their work. Principal duties include appointing and/or dismissing superintendents, principals and teachers; levying school taxes; purchasing land; locating new buildings; adopting textbooks and courses of study; fixing salaries of teachers and other appointees of the Board.

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    Jennifer L. Gross

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    Glenn Nicholas Iosue

Información Biográfica

What concerns or issues prompted you to run for School Board, and how do you propose to address them?

Beyond your education and experience listed above, what makes you particularly qualified to perform the duties of a School Board Director?

What priority will you place on DEI training for district teachers and staff?

What, if anything, would you change about the current health and safety plan that has been implemented in your school district and what sources would inform your decision?

Experience Current QCSD School Board Director. Experienced elementary school teacher, 21 years in the corporate world as a trainer, instructional designer, and project manager. Currently a Strategy/Operations
Education BSE, Elementary Education - Millersville University M. Ed, Instructional Design - UMass Boston PMP Certified Project Management Professional
QCSD needs a long-term plan to address declining enrollment that makes use of our current facilities in a fiscally responsible manner without increasing class size. Quakertown is one of the few school districts in Pennsylvania that still does not have a universal full-day kindergarten program. As a member of the board, I will direct my efforts to researching the benefits this would bring to our children and community. QCSD needs school directors that are representative, accountable and responsive to the needs of our students, educators and community with full transparency. I’m seeking re-election to the QCSD school board to address all these needs, while providing excellent educational programs at an affordable cost to taxpayers with trust, transparency and integrity.
I am a life-long resident of Bucks County, having lived in Quakertown for the past 17 years. As a current Board Director, educator, business woman, mother of a QCSD graduate, resident, and neighbor, I have the unique ability to approach the School Board position with practical experience in all areas of this role. By employing my skills of optimizing educational facilities and programs, managing budgets, communicating openly and transparently, and strategizing with leaders at all levels to solve for the educational and developmental needs of students, I will honor QCSD’s steep traditions while ushering us toward progress and continued growth. As a community member and mother of a QCSD graduate, my experience brings awareness to areas targeted for improvement while building on that which makes our district a desirable place to learn, work and live. I recognize my role is to represent the community at large and will objectively listen to the voices of all.
Every policy and practice decision should be viewed through the lens of how the decision will impact students from diverse backgrounds. DEI efforts should be built into the district’s Comprehensive Plan and include:  Helping all students have stronger relationships and a sense of belonging  Giving students from diverse backgrounds a voice and an opportunity to be represented in all courses and activities  Helping students understand the importance of empathy and respect for other cultures and cultural activities  Providing staff development on topics such as diverse perspectives, privilege, implicit bias, and meeting the needs of all students  Selecting diverse curricular materials that reflect students’ backgrounds
The key to controlling COVID in our schools is layered mitigation. This includes:  Universal masking for all students, teachers and staff in school buildings and on busses with exceptions for students with valid IEPs and 504s  Physical distancing in classrooms and lunchrooms to the greatest extent possible  Frequent handwashing/ample hand sanitizing stations  Cleaning and maintenance of facilities  Adequate ventilation and an increase of total airflow supply to occupied spaces  Effective reporting, monitoring, rapid testing and tracing of suspected cases
Experience 23 years of consulting experience working with stakeholders to provide solutions on complex projects for schools, hospitals, Fortune 500 companies, industrial facilities, and government agencies
Education Rutgers University (Bioenvironmental Engineering), Licensed Professional Engineer (P.E.), Board Certified Environmental Engineer (BCEE)
TAXES, SAFETY and EDUCATION. You can count on me to hold the line on taxes and keep students safe in school for instruction. QSCD is facing financial burdens along with a declining student enrollment. I truly value education for our children. As a School Board member and strong leader, I will orchestrate key partnerships with internal and external stakeholders to achieve goals for our community. This will include strategic solutions for the short-term and long-term. As an engineer at heart, I thrive under pressure to meet the challenges. I usually receive the first call when there is a major problem at hand. I welcome the challenges ahead, and look forward to providing great schools for our children to learn and grow.
As a School Director, I will give back to the Quakertown community and help our schools prosper. Throughout the years, I have volunteered my time to help our community. I recently helped and served on a School Board Committee. I also coached teams for Quakertown Soccer and Quakertown Youth Baseball.

I have resided in the Quakertown Community for 17 years. My wife Michele has resided in Milford Township for over 40 years and graduated from Quakertown High School. I am the proud parent of 4 children; 2 daughters and 2 sons. Our 2 youngest children attend Pfaff Elementary School. As parents, we value education in nurturing and developing our children and our lives.

As an engineer and consultant, I provide solutions to clients facing challenges. I am compelled to apply my consulting skills in providing solutions to help our schools. Our community is facing challenges every day. In working together, we can adjust and adapt to life's complexities to help our children learn.
No CRT. Concepts, which divide us or degrade our children, are not welcome. As a child, I remember proudly reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. The United States of America is indivisible. I also remember the Declaration of Independence, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." Every day teachers and staff help our children pursue a life of happiness. I support educational training for teachers and staff that inspires our children, makes them feel good about themselves, and makes us stronger together.
Masking is a parent's choice for their children. Parents know what is best for their children.