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Fairview Township Supervisor

The Role of a Township Supervisor:Township Supervisors are charged with the general government of their Township to maintain the health, safety and welfare of the community. Administratively, their individual responsibilities are to oversee the entire operation of the Township: management of personnel, financial responsibilities, planning for the future, road maintenance and overseeing the operation of township Boards. Their most important role, being insync with their community and the voters of their community. Term: 6 YearSalary Range: $44,116 (average, township sizes vary)

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    Justin Peter Pacansky

Información Biográfica

In an effort to help revitalize the local economy (in general, and post-COVID) what actions would you support for job growth, profitable business development and success and a broadened tax base to help the township?

How can you improve the visibility of township supervisors in the community for increased interaction with the citizens beyond regular township meetings?

Education 2005 Fairview Highschool 2011 Edinboro University BA
Qualifications USAF Veterean 15 years heavy equipment operator
Endorsements Former Fairview Supervisor John Klier Former Erie County Council Rep Carol Loll
I support
I would always be available for concerns and opinions of Fairview residents. I have always encouraged the people that I have met to reach out to me if they have any question or concerns. My contact information, phone number, email, is always available. I'm a people person and always will be. The Fairview Township Supervisor is the voice of the people, as it always should be.