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Member of County Council District 3

Initiates and adopts ordinances, makes appropriations, adopts annual balanced budget, adopts an administrative code, approves Executive appointments, conducts investigations of County Departments, accepts grants,gifts or donations on behalf of County, may modify or eliminate departments,agencies or functions that no longer serve citizens.Term of Office: 4 yearsStipend: $10,940

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    Anita Prizio

  • Meredith Dolan

Información Biográfica

Many municipalities in Allegheny County struggle to pay for their government. What can you do as a member of Council to make them more economically viable?

What policies will you pursue to promote social and racial justice for all citizens?

What action, if any, would you support to improve air quality in Western Pennsylvania?

Last Name Prizio
First Name Anita
Campaign Web Site http://anitaprizio.org
twitter @anitaprizio
District County Council District 3
Education 1969-1981 Winchester-Thurston School; 1981-1985 Bucknell University (B.A. Political Science-German); 1989 MBA University of Pittsburgh; 1999 JD University of Pittsburgh (Active Member of the PA Bar 83695)
Qualifications for office Allegheny County Councilmember 2018--O’Hara Township Councilmember 1998-2006 Work Experience: 1989-2019: Pittsburgh Crankshaft Service, Inc.-Owner. An internal engine parts warehouse, a family business founded by my parents, both European immigrants. Current Steel Valley Auth. (Outreach Specialist)
As a former council member of O'Hara Township, I recall public works and public safety as two departments that commanded a large portion of our budget. Voluntary consolidation of police departments may ease some of these budgetary challenges as well as cooperative agreements between communities regarding road maintenance and equipment, however, the most dramatic cost savings would result from true consolidation. Such a move would require state approval.

Authority for Improvements in Municipalities (AIM) provides low interest loans to municipalities to finance capital needs. However, grants for multi-municipal projects should be increased to encourage efficiencies.
COVID has laid bare the social and racial inequities prevalent in Allegheny County. As a Council, we are seeking to address these issues through ordinances. I have worked and will continue to make sure that Allegheny County works for everyone, not just for a privileged few.

I am proud of my track record on social and racial justice, but we must continue to address the fact that the County's most marginalized populations live in some of the most polluted areas, in food deserts, with inadequate access to reliable public transportation. By using our budgetary power, we could greatly improve this situation.
Pittsburgh recently received an F rating from the American Air Association, and is among the top 10 worst U.S. cities for air quality. Addressing this crisis is a central focus of my work on Council.

I was the lead sponsor of the Clean Construction Ordinance passed by Council. This law requires all County construction projects $2.5 million and above to use the most effective diesel particulate pollution control devices available.

I am the Chair of the first-ever Committee on Sustainability and Green initiatives, created to collaborate closely with the Sustainability Manager and municipalities to offer a regional approach to our climate crisis.

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