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Berks County Treasurer

The Treasurer is the custodian of all county monies and funds. The treasurer collects real estate taxes, fees and receipts, and disburses all funds after authorization by the Controller and the Board of Commissioners. The Treasurer serves as an agent of the Commonwealth in selling licenses for hunting, fishing, dogs, motorboats, gun permits, and small games of chance.Salary: $83,970; Term: 4 yearsYour ballot may contain more races than you see here

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    A. Dennis Adams

Información Biográfica

What motivates you to run for the office of County Treasurer?

Please explain your qualifications for this position.

How will you assure your office reflects the community?

Campaign Phone (484) 794-8022
Education B.S. in Economics and Accounting - PITT, Executive MBA - PITT, C.P.A. (Certified Public Accountant), C.M.A (CertifiedManagement Accountant).
Qualifications Education in Economics and Accounting. Over 40 Years of Hands on Experience in related accounting fields. Over 7 years as the current County of Berks Treasurer. 6 years of Military Service.
My main motivation is to continue the growth of the office into a more technology-friendly environment. We’ve started implementing policies and projects that will allow our taxpayers to access detailed data on their own properties, at their convenience. These projects will also enable us to provide better service to the public through software capabilities. During my tenure, and especially with the pandemic’s affects, we identified areas where improvement could be made to make our efforts more efficient. As our processes become streamlined and web-based, it inherently helps the County manage future costs to maintain and store physical files which become less necessary. We are implementing on-line access for the public and will congtinue to do so. I want to make sure I’m here to continue the progress where we all reap the benefits, now and in the future.
I stand out because of my Education, Knowlege and hands on Experience. My Education includes a B.S. in Economics and Accounting along with and Executive M.B.A. from the Unitversity of Pittsburgh, a C.M.A. (Certified Management Accountant) and the all important C.P.A. (Certified Public Accountant) licenses. Nearly 40 years Experience of daily involvement in Financial and Investment operations at various Corporate levels. I have served as the County of Berks Treasurer for more than the last 7 years making significant improvements in the various systems of the Treasurers Office including, Current Tax, Tax Claims, General Fund Management, Investing the Counties funds of $225,000,000 along with serving as a Director on the County's Pension Board participating in the oversight of $560,000,000. I have also served our Community by participating in fund raising activites for organizations such as The United Way, American Red Cross and the Caron Foundation.
We are the community. Our office is a blend of ages, races, expertise and backgrounds that live in various Districts within the County. When a constituent contacts us to discuss a matter, we’re not only knowledgeable, but most likely affected in the same way. We live by the same procedures and protocols that we extend to the public, so we try to be as accommodating as possible. That lends us to a better understanding of the needs of our taxpayers, which inevitably helps us to empathize with their situation. Customer service is a priority and we’re lucky to have a diverse community in Berks County, which is mirrored in our staff. If we’re inhibited by something that we can control and change, we do so to ensure our procedures are practical. Our office will continue to be a mirror of our community.