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Berks County Mag District Judge 23-2-01

The magisterial District Judge generally handles traffic violations, landlord /tenant matters, and civil actions where the amount claimed is less than $12,000. The Judge presides at arraignments, sets bail, issues warrants, and performs duties of a similar nature.Annual Salary $93,338; Term: 6 yearsYour ballot may contain more races than you see here

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    Priscilla Campos
    (Dem, Rep)

Información Biográfica

What motivates you to run for the office of Magisterial District Judge?

Please explain your qualifications for this position.

What is the most important quality you bring to the bench?

Campaign Phone (484) 798-0186
Education Masters in Public Administration Bachelor's in Criminal Justice Certified by the Minor Judicial Board
Qualifications Local city resident Over 10 years of Public Service Experience in the courts Bilingual: Fluent in Spanish
As a former property manager, I had attended cases in court with a magisterial district judge. He motivated me to run for the office of Magisterial District Judge. He noticed I had higher level education, I was dedicated and I represent my community's population. After completing the Judiciary course required for Magistrates, I realized I am equipped for this role and I will be able to serve my community in a positive, restorative way for a better quality of life.
I dedicated myself to higher level education by achieving my Bachelors in Criminal Justice and Masters in Public Administration. My educational background allows me to exercise judicial power with balance and impartiality. This reflects my committed character to a community that deserves the most prepared leaders. My career in Public Service for various organizations allowed me to broaden my perspective of our community’s quality of life. My experience in the courts equipped me with an understanding of the complexity of the law.
My most important quality is impartiality. With my education and character, I am able to maintain a balance of power to make unbiased decisions. I have no favoritism and aim to be fair across the board. I believe in a restorative approach to guide our community into the right direction. I believe in transparency to promote consistency and impartiality in judgements. I believe in being compassionate and understanding of the culture in our community to maintain a balanced justice system.

Our community demands the most qualified leaders to represent them in our court systems. I have served my community and intend to continue to serve, if elected, as a Magisterial District Judge with compassion, transparency, and restoration.