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Berks County Mag District Judge 23-2-03

The magisterial District Judge generally handles traffic violations, landlord /tenant matters, and civil actions where the amount claimed is less than $12,000. The Judge presides at arraignments, sets bail, issues warrants, and performs duties of a similar nature.Annual Salary $93,338; Term: 6 yearsYour ballot may contain more races than you see here

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    Sandra L Fegley
    (Dem, Rep)

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What motivates you to run for the office of Magisterial District Judge?

Please explain your qualifications for this position.

What is the most important quality you bring to the bench?

Campaign Phone (484) 256-2016
Qualifications Incumbent
My motivation for seeking a second term for MDJ is to continue to explain the minor court system to those entering the court system for the first time. Many individuals will only ever deal with the court system at the Magisterial District level and are unsure of the entire process, and entering a courtroom for the first time can be intimidating. If someone is there for a summary trial or hearing and does not have Counsel, I will explain the layout of how the hearing process. I am proud to be part of Pennsylvania’s Judiciary and feel it’s important to educate those entering the system as to the process the minor courts follow .
I am seeking my second term as Magisterial District Judge for the areas of Exeter, Mt Penn, Lower Alsace and St Lawrence, after being elected to my first term in 2016. I am certified by the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts and attend continuing education classes each year .
I throughly enjoy the job, I was elected to do. No two days are the same, and I get to interact with such a diverse group of people each and every day. Treating others with respect has always been a top priority and unfortunately I don’t always get to see the best of people, but I always try to be respectful. The past year with the Pandemic, a lot of changes have occurred, people are dealing with so much right now, it is even more important to be respectful and kind