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Chester County Controller

The chief financial officer and chief auditor. Exercises general supervision and control over the County's financial affairs. Authorized to examine the accounts and official acts of all officers or other persons who collect, receive, or disperse the County's money. Term of office: 4 years

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    Regina Mauro

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    Margaret Reif

Información Biográfica

Q. What education, training or experience have you had that makes you fit for the position as the Controller?

Q. What are your top three goals to improve the operations of the office you are seeking as the Controller?

Campaign Phone (484) 378-0478
Education MBA – J Mack School of Business, Georgia State University (Top 20 Executive MBA program in the US); BA – Villanova University
Qualifications *Award-winning record of success increasing the profitability of multi-million-dollar budgets. *Highly successful development and oversight of complex Fortune 500 projects, domestically and abroad. *Extensive HR management experience with a record of low employee turnover.
Facebook @ReginaMMauro
Instagram @reginamauro4chescocontroller
As the county’s fiscal watchdog, the Controller’s primary responsibility is the proficient oversight and skilled management of Chester County’s expense budget (over half billion dollars), and its Accounting, A/P, Audit and Payroll departments’ operations and staff. At times this responsibility also extends to the successful evaluation, launch and/or management of complex and costly projects (ie- Seamless transition to a new payroll system for 2,600+ employees). As the county’s fiscal watchdog, the Controller must also remain nonpartisan, vigilant and an outspoken voice for projects that stand to benefit Chester County residents and businesses, and against those that present a risk (ie- Selection of proper partner for $20M worth of Covid test kits). These responsibilities require not only relevant management experience in size and scope, but a proven communicator, an outside the box thinker, and a record of accomplishments in diverse and highly challenging environments. Professional Experience: *Co-developed and managed Regional Credit Reporting Center (Multi-million dollar operation. Fortune 500 - Philadelphia) *Sales Manager (Multi-million dollar budget. Largest US office of Fortune 500 - Atlanta) *Regional talent acquisition, training and development (Fortune 500 - Philadelphia, Mexico, Atlanta) *International expansion via strategic partnerships, mergers & acquisitions (Fortune 500 - Mexico, Chile, Argentina) *Merchandise selection and importation (As SBO - Australia, France, Italy, Spain) * Affiliates Operations training and transition lead (Largest owned and affiliate offices. Fortune 500 - Cincinnati, Tulsa) *New Product Development Manager (Fortune 500 HQ - Atlanta) *Search engine and credit risk algorithm development (Fortune 500 - Latin America) *Featured speaker on various platforms (podcasts, live TV, webinar, in-person town halls) *Featured in national television 30-sec commercial representing Fortune 500 Co (Telemundo – 9 mo. run)
*Spending and its impact on taxation: Chester County is reportedly ranked #1 in highest property taxes in Pennsylvania. These taxes fund the county’s debt service, parks and recreation, libraries and “general purposes”. Property taxes are the 2nd largest source of funds for the county’s governmental activities. In the past 4 years, yearly increases in property tax allocation to fund “general purposes” (currently 70% of the total) have significantly outpaced the growth of the county population it serves. For the 3 years pre-Covid, yearly increases in allocation to general purposes were also most disproportionately higher. Given that a review of the prior 11 years (2007-2017) did not reflect such a disproportionate relation between the two, it is imperative that a prompt review is conducted of areas and processes with direct or indirect impact on property tax rates (ie- a review of service providers for purchased services, contractual terms and obligations, and the process through which proper vetting and selection of providers is ensured. The goal is to ensure fiscally sound transactions with quality providers). *Human resources management and its impact on employee productivity, morale and costly turnover: An immediate survey must be conducted to determine areas of concern among current staff (work environment, job satisfaction, skills development, career advancement, etc), and optimal allocation of skills and resources by function and departmental needs, present and future. Trust and respect are also paramount and must define work relationships. Utilization of regular feedback mechanisms and dialogue must be encouraged, civility expected in conflict resolution. *Establish a close working relationship with other county managers: The Controller’s office cannot operate in a vacuum as there are multiple other areas that impact its success and performance. Collaborative working across departments ensures maximum success as it minimizes risks inherent in organizational silos.
Campaign Phone (610) 721-3418
Education BS Economics and Finance
Qualifications Certified Public Pension Professional
Facebook Margaret Reif for Chester County Controller
As a small business owner with an education & track record in finance and economics, I utilized my experience as a Community Leader and passion for Chester County to serve as Controller of Chester County for the last four years. Since being in office and serving on the Retirement Board, I have also now received certification as a Public Pension Professional.

While in office, I have spearheaded several County-wide, efficiency-driven, projects that I look forward to completing in my next term (including automating our Accounts Payable and Audit processes and outsourcing Payroll). Second, I am committed to expanding our reach with regard to auditing programs that have never before been reviewed to ensure our tax dollars are being spent wisely. My third goal includes working with the various departments involved in revamping our Procurement process to ensure a more modernized, transparent and efficient bidding process.