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New Mexico Congressional District 1 Special Election

A Special Election is being held June 1 to fill the unexpired term of Deb Haaland who was appointed to the Biden cabinet.

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1. What actions should Congress take to reduce and mitigate the epidemic surge of gun violence in this country that has a high incidence of the use of semi-automatic weapons, automatic weapons and high-capacity clips?

2. What actions, if any, should Congress take regarding our immigration system?

3. What is your view on proposals for the movement toward green energy technologies and away from fossil fuels? What would the transition look like for our state/cities?

4. The U.S. House of representatives has passed HR1, which would define voting rights for American voters, and the bill has now gone to the Senate. What is your opinion of this legislation?

5. What is your opinion of Electoral College reform?

6. What actions, if any, should Congress take regarding the accessibility, the affordability and the quality of health care?

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• The Constitution of the United States clearly and unequivocally states that the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. At the inception of our Republic our founders declared their independence from an oppressive government and had to fight for their independence, in which bearing arms was vastly important. Our founders understood that government can become unhinged and oppressive, and the citizenry cannot stand up to a tyrannical government if they are unarmed. In Congress I would fight to protect the right to bear arms and promote enforcement of laws that are already on the books. Law abiding citizens are not the issue when it comes to arms, and as we have seen with the war on drugs if someone wants something, they will find a way to get it.
Our immigration system is broken. In Congress I will work with other members of Congress regardless of party affiliation that provides for a path to citizenship. Republicans and Democrats have made immigration a political issue for far too long. Our Country was built upon people coming to this county searching for something better, it is time we fix the broken immigration system that properly vets those who wish to come to this country to pursue their American dream allowing them into our Country legally, while keeping the criminal element out.
In Congress I will work toward diversifying our energy sources. Fossil fuel provide a constant reliable source of energy however, we can diversify our energy sources to make our country less reliant on fossil fuel. Our consumption of energy should be market driven, not subsidy driven that props up under performing green technologies such as wind, while avoiding proven technologies like nuclear. In New Mexico our transmission should be cleaner more renewable energy sources such as gas-fired bio-mass energy production that responsibly utilizes both renewable and no renewable resources.
It is fundamental right of every citizen vote without question. But, HR1 raises several election integrity issues which are best handled on the state level. HR1 demonstrates that the partisan solution rather than a non-partisan solution yields further division without getting to the best solution. Any bill designed to protect voters should not driving by partisan considerations and should address all election integrity and access issues in a cooperative fashion.
The Electoral College was created to ensure the rural minority had a voice. The Electoral College is a check that the voice of the urban majority will not outweigh the voice of the rural minority. If the Electoral College were no longer in existence our presidential elections would be determined by larger populations in states such as California, Texas, and New York. The Electoral College ensures that every state has a voice and that their interests are not trampled.
Heath Care Companies should have to compete and should be able to cross state lines. People should be able to choose the best product and the cheapest prices to fit their needs and only a truly open market with full competition can supply that to them.
First we must be accurate about which guns are really used in gun crime. Automatic weapons are not used. Automatic weapons are in all practicality banned in the US and have been so for decades. I don't believe it is accurate to say there has been an epidemic surge in gun violence. Gun homicide rates are nearly 30% lower than they were in the 1990's. According to the FBI Uniform Crime Report in 2018 there were 14,123 murders, of these 10,265 were by firearms of all types. In 1995 there were 20,043 murders of which 13,673 were with firearms. Semi-automatic rifles often get the largest portion of news media but are responsible for only 3-5% of murders. Of the 10,265 gun murders in 2018 only 297 were by rifles of all types. Gun crime is a local issue as this fantastic article by the Guardian shows. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/ng-interactive/2017/jan/09/special-report-fixing-gun-violence-in-america Improving male high school graduation rates and employment would reduce crime rates.
Congress needs to make two major changes to our immigration policy. First we need address what drives hundreds of thousands of people to attempt to cross our southern border. Our current asylum process prevents people from applying for asylum in their home country. In order to apply for asylum you have to be physically in the US or at a port of entry. This forces people seeking asylum to travel to the border, they have no other option. Second we need to increase the number of people we grant citizenship to. Increasing the number of people who we allow to immigrate legally will also reduce the number of people who come to the border. We have been allowing about 1 million people a year since the George W. Bush administration. Our nation has the resources and ability to grant more people the American dream and we should do it.
I think the transfer to wind and solar energy as our primary sources of energy is bad policy. Solar and wind are unreliable, they increase electricity rates which harms the poor, and their power density is so low they require massive overcapacity which is wasteful and expensive. I instead advocate an energy policy centered around nuclear and natural gas with wind and solar playing a supplementary role. Nuclear energy is the most cost effective source of energy, a single modern plant can provide electricity for 3 million or more households, they produce no greenhouse gases, and provide thousands of high paying jobs for 50 years. Both Germany and California have tried to use wind and solar as their primary source of energy generation. Germans pay some of the highest electricity rates in the EU and Californians have seen their rates increase 8 times faster than the rest of the country. They also often have supply shortages. A nuclear revival is the policy we should pursue.
HR 1 is one of the most egregious violations of states rights and the constitution passed by congress in my life. HR 1 prohibits states from asking for photo identification from voters and only allows them to ask for the last 4 digits of their SSN. In a 2016 Gallup poll 80% of Americans supported voter ID laws. In 2018 Pew found 76% of Americans supported voter ID. HR 1 ignores the overwhelming support of this issue. HR 1 also makes the FEC a far more partisan entity. Right now the FEC has 6 members equally divided between republican and democratic appointees. HR 1 would make it a 5 member body with the chair appointed by the President with the ability to subpoena and compel testimony. I don't support making the FEC a partisan body. HR 1 is a federal takeover of our elections in violation of the constitution. The constitution clearly gives states wide latitude to run their elections in the manner their citizens want. HR 1 overrides this principle and imposes federal mandates.
In 2018 at the League of Women Voters forum I talked about reforming the electoral college but not in a way which is commonly discussed. What we really need is to expand the House of Representatives. Every 10 years from our nation's founding until 1913 the number of representatives sent to Congress was increased. Since 1913 we've been stuck at 435 even as our population has increased by more than 200 million. In January 2019, the New York Times ran a two part opinion piece mirroring my recommendations at the 2018 candidate forum. The articles go into far greater depth than I can in my limited response, I have included the link. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2018/11/09/opinion/expanded-house-representatives-size.html

The second article discusses creating multi-member districts and ranked choice voting, both of which I support. These changes would drastically improve representation likely increase voter participation and satisfaction with Congress.
Improving our healthcare and health insurance system is my biggest issue. I've crafted a unique and fully encompassing reimagination of our healthcare system which is designed to improve access to care, reduce costs, and address our doctor shortage. The first change is switching to a direct primary care (DPC) model instead of our current fee for service (FFS) model. The DPC creates a relatively low fixed cost for seeing your primary care physician, allows same day or next day appointment, increases doctor patient time, reduces ER admissions, and eliminates insurance copays and limitations. Doctors in the DPC model report far higher quality of care and job satisfaction over the FFS model. The second major change is allowing anyone to have a health savings account (HSA). And third and maybe most critically is switching from an employer based insurance system to an individual based system. For more detailed information please visit my website.
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I believe that legal, and responsible gun ownership should be protected. That being said, I wholeheartedly support reinstating the Assault Weapons Ban, because these specific types of weapons have been used in mass murders time and time again, and also ban “bump stocks”. We must not allow Assault Weapons to continue to torment our society any further.

I also support closing the gun background check loophole, and requiring it on all weapon purchases. Also, institute a mandatory 10-day waiting period for a gun to be transferred from the seller to buyer. Lastly, the transfer of firearms is prohibited until the background check process has been completed, regardless of whether the waiting period has elapsed.
I will take a stand, and advocate to preserve Immigrant's rights to seek asylum. Fully fund the Immigration Courts. Create the Federal Public Defender's Office for Immigration, because all immigrants that can't afford counsel are not given a free attorney like a normal court. Prohibit child separation. Instead of Border Patrol agents overseeing the care of minors, Social Workers and other specialized professionals will intervene for their care during the holding process. I will advocate for the transparency of ICE, and evaluate their current processes to determine if their presence as a federal agency is needed.
New Mexico has the ability to become a trailblazer to not only combat climate change, but innovate. We have some of the longest "Solar Business Days" in the nation, and we must utilize that. We see the Green New Deal as a template. Not only that, but we will take that template and personalize it to the needs of New Mexicans for generations to come

I will strongly advocate for the consistent transition towards renewable energy, so we may ensure New Mexicans can keep an income.

I acknowledge that there is a growing voice for sustainable nuclear energy in our state from some leading scientists in the field at LANL, and Sandia Labs. Our promise is to listen to that voice, and transmit that information to all New Mexicans. This will ensure we all have a voice and a choice to decide what is best for all.
H.R. 1 is a landmark piece of legislation that ensures the strengthens of our most sacred right, voting, we now see many conservative legislatures attempting to disenfranchise voters of color, and our response to these tactics must be as strong as the tools they use against us, and one of those tools in our arsenal is H.R. 1. This piece of legislation specifically does the following: expands automatic voter registration, same-day voter registration, voting access, independent redistricting commission, create a judicial code of ethics for Supreme Court justices, reforms election finance laws, increases cybersecurity of elections, and other provisions. This puts an end to partisan tactics that for too long have influence politics negatively, and I truly feel that this is a vital step to truly free and fair elections.
The Electoral College was created to perpetuate the falsity of white supremacy, and that voters at the time were not educated enough to make an informed decision on who to vote for. Therefore, that power was delegated to white males that came from affluent backgrounds, and had an education. The Electoral College has long outlived its lifespan, and we need to abolish it. Why should less populated states have their votes be more influential than more populous states; the answer is simple, they shouldn't, when you have more of the population living in certain states their vote should matter just as equal as any other persons. Also, we see that five past Presidents have not in-fact won the popular vote, the vote of the people, but rater had won the vote of a select few; this is one of the most undemocratic practices that is still in place today.
I support, and advocate for a public option. This ensures New Mexicans can have a choice regarding their healthcare needs.

I also strongly support, and will advocate for New Mexican's mental health care. Mental healthcare should be considered primary care, and care caps on mental health treatments should be dissolved.

Mental Health is Healthcare.

I also support, and will fight for women's right to choose. I will fight Republicans tooth, and nail to ensure services like Planned Parenthood are fully funded, and similar services. Because, they are so much more than abortion providers. People who receive their healthcare through Medicaid should have the same avenues that normally insured people do in regard to their right to choose as well.
Campaign Phone (714) 808-2545
I support the 2nd Amendment of our US Constitution that states: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." Congress has made oath to UPHOLD constitution.

I support background checks. The purpose of background check is to prevent lethal weapons from falling into the hands of people who are unstable or dangerous. Recently Hunter Biden made untrue statements on gun application and purchased a firearm. Biden was disqualified from owning guns before purchasing a handgun.

It's been an honor to work in most urban communities in the US, US Territories, and most Native American communities advocating for the youth since we were young. I would like to see families, communities, educators, advocates, law enforcement, faith community, sports leagues, and nonprofit organizations come together to help mentor next generation of leaders. We need programs that build self-esteem and self-respect.
My mother came from Mexico lawfully to the United States and became a naturalized citizen. We are a country that invites the best of the world to join us in freedom.

We must deport minor children of illegal immigrants and eliminate Anchor Baby. The child born in the United States anchors non-citizen parents and helps the family gain legal residency after twenty-one years. Children have a better life with their families and should go with their parents to fix Anchor Baby. It is inhumane to separate children from parents.

Greatly expanded temporary worker visas so farm laborers could participate in harvest without becoming illegal immigrants. We need temporary foreign laborers to come to the US for seasonal employment, work, and then go home.

We need a Visa tracking system for foreign labor workers, students, ministers of religion, and tourists.

A crash program to develop Solid-State Battery Technology so that intermittent power producers like solar and wind can process a greater proportion of our energy. More Charging Stations in cities and Native American communities throughout the State.

I will also sponsor and introduce the idea of constructing a concrete arch-gravity dam along the Rio Grande River for hydroelectric power, flood control, water storage, regulation, recreation, which will also provide water for irrigation. The dam project will create thousands of jobs and will become a major tourist attraction with millions of people touring each year when complete.
I oppose HR1 because it makes Electoral Fraud easier.
Maine and Nebraska both use an alternative method of distributing their electoral votes, called the Congressional District Method. Currently, these two states are the only two in the union that diverge from the traditional winner-take-all method of electoral vote allocation. Two statewide Electors and the rest elected by congressional districts would reform to confine voting fraud.
Facilitate interstate commerce in health care and health insurance, but not subsidize it.
Campaign Phone (505) 750-7079
Gun violence is an urgent crisis that must be tackled through a comprehensive approach, including gun safety legislation and support for community safety, prevention, and intervention programs and mental health supports. In the wake of countless shootings across the country, including dozens in the last few months, we must take action now to protect our communities. In Congress, I will support gun safety legislation including universal background checks, a ban on assault weapons, gun buy-back programs, and other efforts to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous individuals. I will also support community and school safety and behavioral health programs. We must act now to prevent further tragedies from occurring.
I believe that Congress has a responsibility to take a compassionate and humanitarian approach to fixing our immigration system. Families must be reunited and we must ensure that U.S. asylum and refugee systems have the capacity to properly respond to the large numbers of people currently seeking asylum. In Congress, I will support immigration policies that provide a path to citizenship and protect DREAMERs, address the root causes of migration through international and humanitarian aide, and which celebrate and uplift the rich multi-cultural fabric and heritage of our country.
The science is clear—we must take action to address global climate change. Addressing climate change and building a more robust and sustainable economy requires a multi-pronged approach. We must reduce our carbon footprint through investments in infrastructure, technology, partnerships, clean energy, and carbon sequestration. We must prepare for the impacts that are already happening such as increased drought and fire. And, we must support states and communities in growing and diversifying their economies. As a Legislator, a former OMB and Senate staffer, and STEM professional, I have championed numerous climate and clean energy initiatives, including passing the NM Grid Modernization Act in 2020. In Congress, I will continue this work to build a more resilient and sustainable future.
I strongly and wholeheartedly support HR1, The For the People Act. I believe we urgently need to pass this legislation to help protect voting rights, advance campaign finance reform and ethics, and bring needed reforms to our political system. As a Legislator, I have championed good-government, transparency, and modernization reforms and been a strong advocate for getting big money out of politics. The federal protection of voting rights is especially critical as state and local officials have engaged in voter suppression across the U.S. In Congress, I will strongly support the passage of HR1, the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Act, and other efforts to protect voting rights and ensure that the voices of all New Mexicans are counted and protected.
I believe that every vote matters and that our elections should be determined by the people. I support Electoral College reform. In Congress, I will support, as I have at the state level, solutions such as the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact and other options that would ensure that the popular vote determines the outcome of our elections.
Healthcare is a human right. Ensuring that everyone has equitable access to quality and affordable healthcare is critical to the well-being of our communities. Many New Mexicans do not have adequate access to healthcare and are saddled with the burden of high medical costs and debt. Congress must take meaningful action to increase healthcare accessibility and affordability, particularly in low-income, rural, and tribal communities. In Congress, I will fight for universal healthcare, including Medicare for All, to expand health infrastructure, care for Veterans, Tribal health services, and health access across New Mexico. As someone who grew up in New Mexico without health insurance, I know firsthand how important it is that everyone in our community has access to the care they need.