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    Ken Dinitz

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    Jaime Haughton

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    Susan Henderson-Utis

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    Robert Kelly

  • Francis L Lunkwitz

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    Theresa Napson-Williams

  • Geralyn Paterson

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    Cynthia Sabatini

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What are your top 3 priorities if elected?

Campaign Phone (610) 800-2982
Campaign Website https://www.midcountydems.com/2021-local-candidates/ken-dinitz
Facebook dinitz4rtmsd
If I am elected to Rose Tree Media School Board, my priorities are: 1. Ensuring that the District provide the most appropriate education for every student to be successful and prepared for their future. Some students will thrive in college, some in a trade. All paths are important. 2. With district growth, new buildings and equipment must be chosen thoughtfully - the new Edgmont elementary school should model 21st century learning. 3. Building a strong future for our children while keep the property tax burden on our residents as low as possible. We need to work with other districts and local educational organizations to make sure Harrisburg increases its support of public schools. PA ranks near the bottom in state funding for schools. The future of our children is not partisan. It is about growing up to support a family, take pride in your life and community, and working with your neighbors for a better future. That's why I'm proud to be on the ballot in both parties' primaries.
Campaign Phone (484) 883-1522
Campaign Website rtmren.org
I want to prioritize the parents’ role in raising their children. It is not the school’s job to impose political or social beliefs on students. Parents should be informed about what their child is being taught and should have the final say on what their child is mandated to do while in school. Personal decisions and behaviors a student is exhibiting should always be disclosed to the parent(s). We should be fiscally responsible with the taxpayer’s money with open disclosure of plans. Communication to all taxpayers should be a priority. Open debate is important in decision making. Representation of every kind of taxpayer is important when we are entrusted to spend their money wisely.
Campaign Phone (484) 246-6604
Campaign Website www.midcountydems.com/2021-local-candidates/susan-henderson-utis
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Susan4RTMSD and https://www.facebook.com/RTMDemSlate
Twitter N/A
1.) Serving the children of our district so that they have a truly meaningful education. I have a Master's of Education from Villanova, and am a PA-certified high school teacher who has experience teaching differently abled students. Additionally, I serve on the Advisory Council of CASA Youth Advocates of Delaware County, and am the parent of two children. I know the importance of meeting children where they are at and ensuring they have the tools they need to thrive.

2.) Serving as a dedicated, responsible fiduciary of the district. All residents -- whether they have children attending public school or not -- contribute to our excellent public schools. As a parent, homeowner, taxpayer, and licensed attorney, it is very important to me to ensure that our money is spent wisely and carefully.

3.) Promoting transparency. Open, honest communication is important during all times, and especially during times of crisis or change (e.g. COVID and building a new elementary school)
Campaign Website https://www.midcountydems.com/2021-candidates/school-boards#h.m4wi85q0vkil
My priority as School Board Director of RTMSD is to continue my work in these three areas:

Prioritize continuous improvement for academic achievement across all grades and demographics.

Build community engagement in ways that expand employment and secondary education opportunities students, and to create an environment of lifelong learning for all.

Retain a laser focus on the school's budget, ensuring student needs are met and the educators are the highest caliber, without allowing unnecessary bloating to negatively impact our taxpayers.
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Campaign Website https://www.midcountydems.com/2021-local-candidates#h.6k6lghu0j0jk
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Theresa4RTMSD
1. Support a first class, 21st century education for all of the district’s students. This will enable students to have the tools they need to prosper in college, technical schools and/or in the workforce. As well, support the district’s efforts on educational equity and its social and emotional learning initiatives to ensure the success and health of all of our students.

2. Maintain budget discipline and be fiscally responsible. Continue to be a conscientious steward of taxpayer’s money.

3. Maintain transparency of district operations and utilize technology to ensure access for all stakeholders.
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Campaign Website https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100069280386655
1.Holding the line on taxes so that taxpayers' monies are used to fund educational initiatives, and not frivolities 2. Representing all taxpayers in the school district, including parents and those who do not have children in public schools (this latter group makes up 70% of all taxpayers). 3.Ensuring that district communications are timely, transparent, and communicated to all residents directly by using all the communication tools available (not just the district's website, but also using the district's complementary cable channel, direct mail, newsletters, newspapers postings)