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    Noelle Coker

  • Matt Garson

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What are your top 3 priorities if elected?

Campaign Phone (310) 403-8279
1) To budget and appropriate funds according to need for the county. Aligning city goals/objectives with those of the constituents living within the district. Also- maintaining fair and non partisan funding by basing project funding on desirability and functionality. 2) To continue to uphold all state and federal mandates by making and enforcing civil and criminal resolutions and ordinances not in conflict with state law, including those for land use and building construction 3) Promising to uphold and defend the county against all actions. Fixing the tax levies for the county and its subordinate jurisdictions; authorizing payments owed by the county and auditing all officers having control of county monies.
If reelected, my top 3 priorities are transparency, fiscal responsibility and infrastructure.

As Ward 2 Commissioner, I have led efforts to make better use of the Township's website to disseminate information to residents. I have supported efforts to broadcast Township meetings via YouTube so that residents can stay better informed. During my next term, I want to create a Township newsletter that will be published on a regular basis.

Given our fiscal constraints, I will continue to work to secure grant opportunities at the county, state and federal level so that the Township can improve parks, sidewalks and stormwater management.