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Commissioner RADNOR TOWNSHIP Ward 4

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    Lisa A. Borowski

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    Sonja Nekoumand

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What are your top 3 priorities if elected?

Campaign Phone (610) 547-7537
Facebook @LisaBinWard4
For the past four years, I have worked to address many issues across Radnor Township. However, there is still work to be done. This includes:

Stormwater - Across the Township stormwater continues to be an issue for homeowners and businesses as it impacts not only facilities, but also Township infrastructure (roads, bridges, sewers).

Sewers - Radnor has an aging sewer system in need of significant maintenance and repair.

Land Development - Radnor is a very desirable place to live; it needs a comprehensive plan to protect from overdevelopment.

Tree Canopy - Tree maintenance and a thorough replanting program is needed to maintain our beautiful canopy - now and into the future.

Safety & Security - Radnor is served by a first-class police department, along with fire/EMS. As our community and its needs grow, we must ensure that our first responders are staffed and equipped to continue to protect and serve.
Campaign Phone (757) 449-9750
Facebook Sonja Nekoumand Candidate for 4th Ward Commissioner of Radnor
New Leadership- As a conservative I plan to deliver effective and efficient local government and services to residents. Transparency is a big item for me. It is important that the people I am representing know exactly what is going on in the Township. Stewardship of limited resources. I want to help be apart of making sure we are being wise with the budget and fiscally responsible, not over spending on unnecessary items. We need a balanced Governance so we don't have hyper partisanship. Fresh Vision-I plan to form a working relationship with Newtown Township which boarders 4th Ward to help stop problems before they occur such as with Earl's Dam/Lake. Serving Everyone-It is important to serve with fairness to all neighbors and residents of Radnor. No playing favorites. Everyone has the right to what they deserve.