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    Chris Nielsen

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    Gina Sage

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What are your top 3 priorities if elected?

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I aim to help bring about greater Equity, Transparency, and Engagement in our local government:

Equity- The Springfield that I know as a resident and the Springfield represented by our Board of Commissioners are not one and the same. Despite a long-standing misconception, Springfield is not a “Republican town”, and if elected I will work to make sure that all sides of the political spectrum have their voices heard.

Transparency- Second, I want to work towards creating greater Transparency from our Commissioners. Springfield’s residents and business owners need to know that their government works for them in a way that is open and readily accessible to all.

Engagement- Finally, I want to increase Engagement among Springfield’s residents and business owners. An informed electorate is a vibrant one, and as Commissioner I plan to do what an experienced teacher does- not just communicate with those who are already engaged, but reach out to pull in those who are not.
If elected, my top 3 priorities are:

1) Work to ensure property taxes are kept low and people are not taxed out of their homes

2) Continue to invest in parks and open space

3) Promote public safety to keep our community safe and ensure our first responders have the necessary resources