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Pennsylvania House District 59

In Pennsylvania, the legislative branch of government is composed of two houses:The Senate is the upper house and the General Assembly is the lower house. A majority vote by both houses is necessary to pass a law.Term: 2 years Next election 2022Salary: $90,300

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    Mariah Fisher

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    Robb Luther

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    Leslie Rossi

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What are the key issues that you want to pursue for the citizens of this legislative district?

If you are elected, how would you go about reducing the negative impacts of angry partisanship among our legislators, paired with low voter trust in government?

Last Name Fisher
First Name Mariah
Age 39
Campaign Web Site http://electmariahfisher.com/
Education Ligonier Valley High School, graduated with honors 1999 Dickinson College, graduated Cum Laude, 2003
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/electmariahfisher
District HD 59
The shift of many businesses to remote work during the pandemic has offered up the possibility to live in our rural boroughs and towns and work from home. But if we’re going to capitalize on the opportunity presented by the pandemic, we must ensure we have the right infrastructure in this District. To make living and working here a viable option, we need - reliable broadband, a living wage, quality healthcare and good public schools. I will work to expand rural broadband access as everyone deserves quality reliable internet. I will also advocate for funding so that public schools can provide quality programs in all areas, including academics, arts, sports, and technology.
I will strive to work across the aisle with my colleagues in the legislature. As a Borough Councilwoman, I have already worked with members with opposing views and have always tried to work towards mutual resolutions. I believe in acting in the best interests of the people I represent and I will take those values with me to Harrisburg. I believe that every citizen has the right to vote in a Democracy. I will fight to expand, not hinder, citizens right to vote, whether by mail or in person, so that all voices are heard.
Last Name Luther
First Name Robb
Age 46
Campaign Web Site http://www.robbluther.com
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/LutherforPA59
District Pennsylvania House District 59
As your representative, I’ll: work to eliminate the property tax, empowering Pennsylvanians to truly own their own homes; innovate our education systems to put school choice back into the hands of teachers and families; and place reasonable checks on gubernatorial emergency powers to protect our economy and civil liberties from arbitrary shutdowns.
Two-party dominance is driving our current descent into angry partisanship. It encourages negative campaigning, in which candidates seek to vilify their opponents and block their agendas at all costs. In a two-party system, it’s not necessary to campaign on positive issues—only to foment fear about the other side. This battleground mentality is not conducive to problem-solving, and it’s decreasing voter confidence in our institutions. As a Libertarian not beholden to either of the two old parties, I’ll have true freedom to tackle issues in the legislature as I see fit, including working together with both Republicans and Democrats.
Last Name ROSSI
First Name LESLIE
Age 50
Campaign Web Site http://www.RossiForPA.com
District 59
Voters are very in touch with what is happening all around them regarding government. Key issues they discuss with me are election integrity, protecting their 2nd Amendment rights, their freedom of speech, religious rights, and mainly preserving and creating jobs in our area, so they can remain living here in our beautiful state of PA that they love and call home. There are many issues, but the key issue currently is that people want to thrive here in PA and do not want their communities turning in to ghost towns, so it is critical to support and see that small business gets back on it's feet. Small business is the heart and soul of our communities which provide jobs and good working opportunities.
I think legislators need to stand up strong and represent the people in the districts they represent and in a respectable way, but this does not mean backing down because one side challenges them. For me, I plan to be the voice of the people in District # 59. People expect and deserve transparency! It's extremely frustrating to ask questions regarding decisions made and hear from legislators the comment "We have to agree to disagree." They represent us and need to hear our voice and act accordingly or be voted out. Again, transparency is key. Voters need to be current on what is happening and discussions need to be held so that the legislators are on the same page as their constituents they represent.