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BOROUGH COUNCILJOB DESCRIPTION: The Borough Council implements the legislative and executive functions of the Borough, including the adoption of a budget and levying of taxes.

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    Sabreena Miller

  • Laura Pollanen

  • Jennifer Slavicek

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What are your top three priorities for this office?

What role do you see for your municipal government in interacting with Allegheny County Council?

How would you propose addressing the water, air quality and other infrastructure concerns of your residents?

Last Name Miller
First Name Sabreena
Middle Name Noelle
Facebook www.facebook.com/sabreenaforbellevuepa
District 2
Education Studied Sociology, Spanish, and Business
Qualifications for office In addition to all of the candidate requirements, I have community development, non-profit, chamber of commerce, small business, and school district experience. Intend to use this knowledge and the connections formed to be a bridge between these pillars and an asset to my community.
1. Collaborative development of a clear and sustainable community vision 2. Commitment to a data-driven approach for addressing shared concerns 3. Instilling transparency & accountability that focuses on collaboration and improvement
Developing a working relationship with Allegheny County Council will give us access to resources, insight, and information that we can use to better our borough. I believe it's important for Bellevue to maximize its connections and relationships with other governments. It's not sustainable to only build from the inside out—it takes working with others, especially those who have an aerial, outside, county perspective.

The closer that we can get to the decision-making and the education, the more power we put into our hands, and the more potential and resources we can bring back and instill into our community. It's our municipal government's responsibility to build a strong relationship with Allegheny County Council.
To address the water, air quality, and other infrastructure concerns of the residents, we should first develop an array of engagement platforms so that awareness and community contribution is maximized. Once in place, we can begin to gauge the concerns.

Using this data, we would collaborate with neighboring communities, our COGs, and environmental entities to (1) understand the current state of our water, air, and infrastructure and (2) identify and analyze the source and impact of these expressed issues. From these data sets—community input, current state, source and impact—we can begin to strategically plan to address the community concerns around air, water, and infrastructure.
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