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Bowling Green City Council Ward 2

Bowling Green City Council Ward 2Term commencing January 1, 2022 One to be Elected//Vote for OneTerm of Office: 2 yearsSalary: $5,000Qualifications: Resident of Bowling Green and qualified elector

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    Joel O'Dorisio

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What does sustainability mean to you? What is your plan for making Bowling Green a sustainable community?

What kind of regulations (registration, inspection, licensing, enforcement) should Council approve to assure tenants that their rentals are safe? What minimum standards should all rentals meet?

Bowling Green’s infrastructure (streets, sidewalks, water, sewers, utilities, trees, parks) must be continually maintained and improved. What are your suggestions for improving the city’s infrastructure and how would you fund these improvements?

How can City Council encourage more businesses and industries to (re)locate to Bowling Green? What are other nearby communities doing to encourage new businesses?

Campaign Email Joelodo1@gmail.com
Facebook http://Joel4ohio
Education BFA the Ohio State University MFA Alfred University SUNY
We need to think about the future as a community. Years ago we were at the forefront of experimental wind energy and sustainability, but we have lost our way. moving forward we need to focus on an energy plan that accounts for the developing transition to renewable sources, and is economically viable in order to attract new businesses to our city. Further we should be exploring waste and recycling programs to reduce our solid waste burden.
As a resident of ward 2 I understand the importance of having reasonable and enforceable regulations for safe housing in the rental properties in BG. From aesthetic concerns about building upkeep to make sure our community is a good place to live, to fundamental safety issues to make sure that families in our community have safe and healthy homes to raise kids or attend our university
I would like to improve our public transportation infrastructure. Families in BG should have access to surrounding communities, and we should be able to attract workers and potential employees from surrounding communities. I would also like to make our community more accessable for walking and bike riding. We have been exploring for years how to add bike lanes and reduce traffic.
Probably the easiest way to attract and diversify our businesses is to improve our internet infrastructure. We have seen a remarkable shift to at home work and internet substitution for many traditionally face to face activties. We must ensure that our internet infrastructure is up to the task of the 22nd century if we are going to be attracting high visibility, hi tech employers to our city;