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Bowling Green City Council Ward 3

Bowling Green City Council Ward 3Term commencing January 1, 2022 One to be Elected//Vote for OneTerm of Office: 2 yearsSalary: $5,000Qualifications: Resident of Bowling Green and qualified elector

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    Tony J. Hunter

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    Rachel Phipps

Información Biográfica

What does sustainability mean to you? What is your plan for making Bowling Green a sustainable community

What kind of regulations (registration, inspection, licensing, enforcement) should Council approve to assure tenants that their rentals are safe? What minimum standards should all rentals meet?

Bowling Green’s infrastructure (streets, sidewalks, water, sewers, utilities, trees, parks) must be continually maintained and improved. What are your suggestions for improving the city’s infrastructure and how would you fund these improvements?

How can City Council encourage more businesses and industries to (re)locate to Bowling Green? What are other nearby communities doing to encourage new businesses?

Campaign Email info@TonyHunter.org
Education Finance Undergraduate (BGSU), MBA (BGSU)
Qualifications Corporate Finance experience working in health care real estate investments. Experience in software and data analytics.
I believe it is important that we value responsible environmental sustainability. I agree with common sense programs and initiatives that protect the environment and keep the city clean. I also would like Bowling Green to be viewed as a "business friendly" town where development is encouraged. I enjoy solving problems and making smart investments. I look forward to looking at opportunities in the area of sustainability that are cost effective for citizens and promote business development.
It is my understanding that we have a process in place to remedy tenant/landlord issues related to quality of housing. I would prefer a limited, but effective approach to dealing with this issue, if anything additional is needed. One approach that I might favor would be making the information for the current process more accessible for tenants and landlords.
I think it is important to spend time listening and learning from the groups that are "in the weeds" in this area. I would be in favor of moving towards a shared vision for Bowling Green in terms of business development and the infrastructure to support growth. The opposite strategy would be more reactive and short-term focused. Ideally, we would look at our "current state" and work towards an agreed upon direction. I'm sure there are many discussions happening related to this, and I would love to partner with the city to help move things forward!
I think this is related to my infrastructure comments. I would be in favor of moving towards a shared vision for business development. This would give us a framework that we can use to recruit businesses to Bowling Green and support the growth of our current businesses. I would be in favor of limited and effective legislation that would provide structure but not overburden business owners.
Campaign Email rhs.phipps@gmail.com
Education Capital U. Law School, Tax LL.M.; U. of Toledo College of Law, J.D.; Miami U., B.A.
Qualifications Curiosity, Empathy, Work Ethic
Sustainability is a very important issue to me, which is why I drafted the resolution calling for our city’s first sustainability plan to measure and curb our greenhouse gas emissions. That resolution passed unanimously in July and the process for crafting our plan will begin this year.

It is clear that the state and federal government will increasingly regulate greenhouse gas emissions more aggressively and prioritize sustainability projects. It is the responsible, forward-thinking thing to do for our citizens and taxpayers to look at this issue comprehensively now.

Making BG more sustainable not only touches many aspects of our city’s operations, but many quality of life issues for our citizens as well – a sustainable Bowling Green is more vibrant and inclusive, resilient and resourceful.

A rental registration/self-inspection program like that proposed by Mayor Aspacher can help to protect the health and safety of tenants; identify deficient rentals; encourage preventative maintenance; and preserve property values and neighborhoods.

The proposed program requires landlords to register rental units and regularly inspect the interior/exterior of units. Critical provisions concern tenant education and the city’s ability to verify self-inspection forms through city-conducted inspections.

To date, council has received testimony from 200+ tenants by email, survey, and in person; landlords submitted comments; and local media, concerned citizens, and the community at large have monitored this issue closely – making the proposal better. I encourage our community to remain involved as we roll out any program so that we continuously improve, using our limited resources wisely.

Infrastructure and fiscal responsibility are some of the most basic duties of city government. I’ve taken both responsibilities seriously during my first term.

Over the next few years, we will have an opportunity to use American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds for infrastructure improvements, including our road and sidewalk repaving programs. While infrastructure improvements are certainly a good use of ARPA funds, I also intend to call for ARPA funds to be directed more broadly to other qualifying purposes. This is because one important way to increase funds available to improve our infrastructure is by expanding our tax base. We grow our tax base when our city makes smart investments to help new businesses open their doors and existing businesses to expand, and by continuously looking for new ways to make BG an attractive place to live and work.

We must be willing to use tax incentives strategically and learn from other cities’ creative efforts – and we must get everyone on the same page by updating the city’s economic development plan (last revisited in the '90s!). Our 2019 E. Wooster Plan states, “The national economy is changing, but Bowling Green has not adapted its approach to economic development.”

In addition to recruiting industry to the edge of town, our city must support a vibrant downtown, create an environment where new/existing businesses can thrive, and proactively encourage redevelopment along E. Wooster.

And our efforts must be big and small. I was part of a team that worked with three downtown businesses to install our city’s first parklets. This relatively small project was completed with the support of 70+ private donations and immediately benefited those businesses and the surrounding downtown.