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Bowling Green City Council Ward 1

Bowling Green City Council Ward 1Term commencing January 1, 2022 One to be Elected//Vote for OneTerm of Office: 2 yearsSalary: $5,000Qualifications: Resident of Bowling Green and qualified elector

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    Mark R Hanson

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    Nick Rubando

Información Biográfica

What does sustainability mean to you? What is your plan for making Bowling Green a sustainable community?

What kind of regulations (registration, inspection, licensing, enforcement) should Council approve to assure tenants that their rentals are safe? What minimum standards should all rentals meet?

Bowling Green’s infrastructure (streets, sidewalks, water, sewers, utilities, trees, parks) must be continually maintained and improved. What are your suggestions for improving the city’s infrastructure and how would you fund these improvements?

How can City Council encourage more businesses and industries to (re)locate to Bowling Green? What are other nearby communities doing to encourage new businesses?

Campaign Email mhanson8011@gmail.com
Education Bachelors of Science in Education- B.G.S.U. Ohio State Highway Patrol Basic Police Academy
Qualifications I'm a BGSU grad. and long time B.G. resident. I worked as a Police Officer for the City for over 25 years. I will bring a prayerful, levelheaded approach to City Council.
I believe in a balanced approach to sustainability. To commit to "zero" carbon would be a mistake. I like the idea of generating electricity through wind, solar, geothermal and hydro. I have a lot of questions and concerns. How expensive is the infrastructure to set up such a system? (3X more expensive?) Will such a system be stable enough to provide reliable electricity? Are carbon producing sources really that bad on the environment? Are the citizens of Bowling Green going to mind if their electric bill goes up 3X under a "zero" carbon system? Is it wise for the City to replace a perfectly good BACK UP diesel generator at the police station with a battery/solar backup? Will the City be able to attract more businesses if the cost of electricity goes up 3X? I say, lets make sure it makes sense financially and functionally before we commit to an anti-carbon "trendy" plan.
I do not believe Council needs to do anything in this regard. There is already a system in place if a tenant believes there is a problem with the unit they are renting and they are not getting the desired response from the owner. The tenant can make a filing at the B.G. Municipal Court and deposit their rent check into an escrow account. The Judge can release the money to the owner once the issues have been fixed/resolved. City Council needs to be careful not to overstep their bounds with regards to mandatory or even random "voluntary" inspections. Again there is already a system in place for suspected problem rental properties. An administrative search warrant can be applied for and if obtained an inspection can be performed.
Maintaining and improving infrastructure should be one of the primary uses of tax dollars. If improvements such as roundabouts can be partially funded by federal and state grants then all the better. Is the City applying for all the grants that are available?

I will be advocating for a new City park in my ward, near the Maple Hills and Parkview trailer parks. There is a three acre green space behind the Dollar Tree that would be ideal for a park to bless the kids in that area! Perhaps a partnership could be formed between private donors and the City to make that happen!
I think the main thing City Council can do is say "YES" when new businesses and industries want to locate in Bowling Green. The only exception would be when it comes to bars. We DO NOT need any more bars! I remember years ago when Best Buy wanted to put their distribution warehouse in Bowling Green. City Council voted it down and they went to Findlay. How about some more chain restaurants such as Outback, Longhorn, Olive Garden etc. Why didn't City Council do more to attract Cabela's when they were searching for a location? Kudos to the current City Council for purchasing 90 more acres on the east end industrial area! Bringing more industry to Bowling Green will not only help the City but it will help the BG school system which has bee struggling to pass a levy. Congratulations to the Eastwood school district for getting the Home Depot warehouse and the Peloton factory!
Campaign Email us@nickrubando.com
Education St. John's Jesuit High School Indiana University BA Journalism
Qualifications I have volunteered in our community by organizing river and stream cleanups, fundraisers for children's arts programs, food drives, and voter registration drives.
Sustainability is the balance between the environment, equity, and the economy. Our community must continue our commitment to renewable energy, and improve alternative transportation options for our residents. Investing in our environment is not only necessary, it provides a fantastic opportunity for our local economy. We must build bike lanes, establish new green spaces, expand our recycling program, and make good on our commitment to ensure net zero greenhouse gas emissions.
We need real rental reform in our community. I agree with the rental standards laid out by the BG City Council Community Improvement Committee, when they approved the rental registration checklist recently, but I would go further and push for independent inspections. I have had first hand experience dealing with a landlord that had no intention of following the safety guidelines put forth by the council, and that can not stand. I know the majority of landlords in this city want to do the right thing, but to ensure the health and safety of our community, we must have independent inspections of rental properties.
By investing in our infrastructure, we have the ability to keep Bowling Green an amazing place to live for years to come. We can re visit our zoning laws, build new parks, including dog parks, and inclusive play structures, and ensure that we continue to have clean safe drinking water. The US Congress is about to pass the bi-partisan infrastructure deal, as well as, the climate focused reconciliation package. These legislative achievements will provide funds for the exact types of infrastructure projects we hope to accomplish. As a member of council, I will ensure that Bowling Green takes advantage of these funds, and we continue to improve our great city.
By revitalizing our neighborhoods, establishing new zoning laws, committing to sustainability and investing in infrastructure, we have the ability to attract and retain new residents and business to Bowling Green. I have been very impressed with what council has done with our outdoor seating "parklet" program, and I will continue to push for innovative ways to improve our community.