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Cleveland City Council, Ward 2

Term: 4 yearsSalary: $83,700Incumbent Kevin L. Bishop has held this seat since 2018. He placed first in the Sept. 14 nonpartisan primary and will face the primary runner-up, Monique Moore, in the November election.Ward 2 includes the city's southeast neighborhoods of Mount Pleasant, Union-Miles, and Mill Creek Falls.

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    Kevin L. Bishop

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    Monique Moore

Información Biográfica

Do you support the police accountability initiative that will be on the November ballot? How do you propose to improve public safety in Cleveland? Consider CPD’s budget and policing methods, crime statistics, and even noise complaints.

What legislation, regulations or policies would you propose to help alleviate the scourge of lead poisoning in Cleveland? Consider housing and public schools along with testing programs.

How would you ensure that federal COVID economic recovery relief funds reach Cleveland wards and residents who need it the most? Do you support public input in that budgeting process?

How should the city address the displacement stemming from gentrification of neighborhoods that have been home to the black community and other communities of color?

How will you communicate with your constituents to get their input and to dispense information? Would your ward's constituents benefit from expanded language access for city services?

Age 55
Education Bachelor in business Cleveland State Univ.
Qualifications for office Served one term as Councilman and 17 years corporate experience
Campaign HQ Address 11727 miles
Cleveland, Oh 44105
Campaign email address Kbishopward2@gmail.com
Campaign Phone (216) 502-6632
Yes I fully support the initiative to have civilian over sight of the police. I think if we had police mini stations it would go a long way to mend the community/ police relationships. Also easier and mandatory release of bodycam footage. Additionally expanding the cameras program and make footage easier to access such viewing footage on line.
Monitor the progress of the current law to ensure its is being properly implemented. Also, make mandatory testing to all children entering pre school and kindergarten. Test and survey all gathering places where children are.
Appoint a commission to review and make recommendations after year one of the program. I’m also in favor of having monthly public town halls to vet and discuss this process
Place a cap on rising property taxes so people that have been living in neighborhoods wouldn’t be pushed out because they can’t afford the property taxes.
Create an online portal that post information and have a section where residents can post question on the portal to get the right answers and information. I think expanding language access is always the right thing to do.
Education BA Social Work Criminal Justice MBA
Qualifications for office I have approx. 30 years in the criminal justice field. I am currently a General Contractor with my own company who hires people with felony convictions. Because I was born and raised in Cleveland, I have seen the change and know that it is necessary to have competent leaders who have the ability and passion to enhance the condition of the community
Campaign Phone (216) 780-4824
Yes. Transparency and quality control measures must be instituted to hold officers, prosecutors, and judges accountable. Regarding officers, however, the first step is to train officers on how to effectively deal and address situations and individuals fairly. They must uphold the law while delivering services such as when making arrests and conducting searches. I believe that an impartial review board should be elected by the citizens and led by the citizens in that community to oversee and address the needs and concerns of complaints issued against local law enforcement.
I am a licensed RRP renovator, Asbestos contractor, and lead abatement contractor. From a home owners perspective, contractors must be trained and certified to remove lead from homes and schools, which policies are in place. However, government funds must be made available, possibly through grants, to assist homeowners with the modest costs of remediation.
I will work with my State and Federal delegates to address this need. As a company who have some Covid relief, I would be able to guide residents in how to complete applications and connecting them with the appropriate lenders.
I believe in diverse communities, however, cities have to maintain affordable housing to lower income families to avoid the risk of pushing those families out the community. Although I believe in increasing the economic values of communities over time, I don't believe in displacing people because of it.
Community input is crucial. I plan on enlisting street by street liaisons to meet with me on a quarterly basis, if not sooner, to inform and address the needs and concerns of the community.