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Cleveland City Council, Ward 5

Term: 4 yearsSalary: $80,133Incumbent Delores Gray was appointed to this seat last May when Phyllis Cleveland resigned. Gray came in first in the Sept. 14 nonpartisan primary, and in November will be running against the primary runner-up, Richard A. Starr (the director of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Cleveland) and write-in candidate Frank J. Kidd Jr. To vote for Kidd, a voter must write his name on the ballot.Ward 5 includes the neighborhoods of Central, Kinsman, Midtown, and part of downtown.

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    Delores Gray

  • Frank J. Kidd Jr. (write-in)

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    Richard A. Starr

Información Biográfica

Do you support the police accountability initiative that will be on the November ballot? How do you propose to improve public safety in Cleveland? Consider CPD’s budget and policing methods, crime statistics, and even noise complaints.

What legislation, regulations or policies would you propose to help alleviate the scourge of lead poisoning in Cleveland? Consider housing and public schools along with testing programs.

How would you ensure that federal COVID economic recovery relief funds reach Cleveland wards and residents who need it the most? Do you support public input in that budgeting process?

How should the city address the displacement stemming from gentrification of neighborhoods that have been home to the black community and other communities of color?

How will you communicate with your constituents to get their input and to dispense information? Would your ward's constituents benefit from expanded language access for city services?

Age 66
Education East Tech High School; Metro Tri-C College; University of Phoenix, 1 year
Qualifications for office Community Engagement spokesperson of my community. Board seats: Legal Aid; Burton, Bell, Carr; Friendly Inn Settlement; Progressive Action Council overseeing CMHA; Promise Ambassador, Charity Hospital; East Tech Alumni Board; and Care Alliance Health Clinic. I was also a delegate of the Democratic Party. I am the first Council member to live in CMHA public housing.
Campaign email address graydelores04@gmail.com
Campaign Phone (216) 334-5363
Yes, I would promote the ideal Public Safe and Public Health everyone needs to have a role in this issue. We have to work together on these issues the public and police More people would have to be involved if you have limited resources in order to make the decision to work further in the policing methods.
Cleveland has one of the best Legislation on Lead poisoning, I would focus on Resources Commitment, Helping to do what needs to be done. It's a matter of again Resources Commitment helping the family to know where to connect.

Again Resources, where to, connect the residents that live in housing or apartment. Your Government, City website, and location.

All Council people will work together and we will found which ward may need the Covid economic recovery relief funds more than the other and help from there. Each ward has different needs.

There is Public input when the public hires in the people that oversee the process so Yes I support public input.
Effectively and Efficient all community development needs to be done at a good market rate, and mix of income for all gentrification.

When the City is doing a displacement of communities of all color.
I have a Community Ward meeting once a month and I go door to door talking to each one on a personal level, go to the different events within our neighborhood festival, church function, picnic, gathering etc.

A government that seeks to serve the public much efficiently communicates with everyone in their different culture.
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Age 32
Education Bachelors of Arts in Sports Management Baldwin Wallace University Master's in Business Administration Baldwin Wallace (July 2021)
Qualifications for office I have shown through my work in the community and the Boys and Girl Club. I have the vision and figure on the pulse of youth. I understand the challenges that many face growing up in the 5th Ward. I am also leading by example what it take to make change.
Campaign email address richardstarrforward5@gmail.com
Campaign Phone (216) 331-9606
Twitter @VoteRich_Starr
I totally support the accountability initiative. I believe in addressing poverty and education as a starting point. We have to stop the cycle that ravages our community. I believe there should be accountability across the board. For those who are menacing our community, to those who are suppose to protect and serve them.

We cant incarcerate away the problems we face. We must address these issues with real solutions or we will continue to see our communities act as an assembly line to the prison system or cemeteries. I am totally for redirecting some funds to ensure we have the right people going out on certain calls that police are not trained for. We must think outside and beyond the box so I support this and other initiatives that will address the issues within policing.
I would continue to support the current programs that are in place and expanding on this with education and access for people to understand the issue and resources available to them
I certainly support what PB Cleveland is doing. We need people at the table that understand the issues directly. I want to engage our community to empower them to know they have the power within them to make change happen.

For far too long we have people making decisions for our community that don't understand the issues and are too far removed from the problem to make decisions that help the people .
Our communities have been underserved for so long. That when our people find a way out they run. We have to make a community where we all thrive and not feel a need to escape. By addressing poverty and education and giving people an opportunity to succeed. We can began to give the people a reason to be proud to stay. The communities should reflect a diverse community for all to grow and live and not push the residents out who have lived there most if not their entire lives
I believe in consistent engagement with my constituents year round. We must do better in education our people. We have a diverse group of people that pass through my ward via low income housing, so yes expanded language access for city services is necessary.