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Cleveland City Council, Ward 7

Term: 4 yearsSalary: $80,133Incumbent Basheer Jones gave up his seat when he ran for mayor this year. State representative Stephanie Howse (District 11) came in first in the Sept. 14 nonpartisan primary, followed by TJ Dow, who held the seat from 2008 to 2018. They will proceed to the Nov. 2 general election. Ward 7 includes the Hough, St. Clair-Superior, Midtown, and Asia Town neighborhoods.

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  • TJ Dow

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    Stephanie Howse

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Do you support the police accountability initiative that will be on the November ballot? How do you propose to improve public safety in Cleveland? Consider CPD’s budget and policing methods, crime statistics, and even noise complaints.

What legislation, regulations or policies would you propose to help alleviate the scourge of lead poisoning in Cleveland? Consider housing and public schools along with testing programs.

How would you ensure that federal COVID economic recovery relief funds reach Cleveland wards and residents who need it the most? Do you support public input in that budgeting process?

How should the city address the displacement stemming from gentrification of neighborhoods that have been home to the black community and other communities of color?

How will you communicate with your constituents to get their input and to dispense information? Would your ward's constituents benefit from expanded language access for city services?

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Age 42
Education M.A., Environmental Studies, 2004, Cleveland State University, Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs; B.S., Civil (Environmental) Engineering, Florida A&M/Florida State University.
Qualifications for office Being a State Legislator, Engineer, Educator and Entrepreneur, I have gained over 18 years of experience
Campaign email address StephanieForWard7@gmail.com
Campaign Phone (216) 407-0876
Twitter @stephaniehowse
I support the police accountability initiative that will be on the November ballot.

To improve public safety in the City of Cleveland I would propose the City of Cleveland analyze the 427,329 emergency 911 calls and the 119,272 emergency management services calls placed, specifically identifying if the appropriate professionals were used for the situation, what happened to the individuals that needed assistance and the geographic location of where the incident occurred. Based on the analysis, I would propose targeted policies for mental health, substance abuse, crisis intervention, and prevention-based services to ensure the $371.5 million budgeted for the Department of Public Safety are being spent based on the actual needs of City of Cleveland residents.
To help alleviate the scourge of lead poisoning in Cleveland I would propose the City of Cleveland take a more proactive role in the enforcement of the Lead Certification program for rental properties and increase investment in the Lead Hazard Control Grant Program. Additionally, the City of Cleveland needs to create a plan to reduce lead in drinking water in homes, schools, and other places (built before 1986) that children frequent.
I support public input in the budgeting process and believe the City of Cleveland should adopt a participatory budgeting process to hear directly from residents and allocate the federal COVID economic relief funds based on what residents want. The one-time federal funding provides a good opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness and impact of gathering residents' input in a non-traditional way and can help the City of Cleveland assess other opportunities to have residents' input on future budgeting processes.

For the record, I proposed participatory budgeting for the State of Ohio in the 132nd General Assembly (2017 – 2018) that only received one hearing.
The City of Cleveland should address the displacement of residents by making a significant investment to help City of Cleveland residents become homeowners. Approximately 58.5% of Clevelanders are renters (65% of Ward 7 residents are renters). Communities that own their properties are in a better position to determine what happens in their neighborhoods. Homeownership will also help Clevelanders begin to have financial stability and begin the process of creating wealth for their families.
If given the honor to serve as the Councilwoman for Ward 7 Cleveland City Council, I would survey residents to understand how they want to be communicated with (postal mail, email, phone, text, in person, virtually) and develop a communication plan based on residents' feedback. With a community of Asian American Pacific Islanders being residents of Ward 7, I believe partnering with ASIA (Asian Services in Action) for language services is vital to ensure residents can be appropriately communicated with.