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Bay Village City Council, Ward 3

Term: 2 yearsSalary: $8,807Incumbent Mike Greco and challenger Gary S. Sharp won the top two spots in the Sept. 14 nonpartisan primary. They will face each other in the Nov. 2 general election.

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    Mike Greco

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    Gary S. Sharp

Información Biográfica

In order to balance the city's budget, council members may be required to raise taxes/fees and/or cut services. What specific policies would you target to raise funds or reduce costs?

What measures would you propose to enhance Bay's best characteristics for future generations?

What improvements would you recommend in your ward, given its unique characteristics, that would benefit the city overall?

What do you see as the most pressing concern facing the city, and how would you propose to address it?

Do you favor or oppose expanding the Architectural Board of Review to include residential housing?

What role should environmental considerations play in the city's policies and actions?

Age 43
Education B.A., Political Science and History - Hiram College - Hiram, Ohio. Master's in Public Administration with a concentration in Local Government Function - Kent State - Kent, Ohio
Qualifications for office -Serve as H.R. Director for the City of Rocky River -Chief Hiring Officer of the city and oversee the administration of city department policy and procedures -Serve as Civil Service Secretary and responsible for the hiring of the police officers and firefighters
Campaign email address mtg44234@gmail.com
Campaign Phone (330) 806-6023
Here's three actions I would embrace first. One, place a freeze on city hiring unless it is considered a critical safety position. This will free up extra money from the department's salary budgets. Second, place a freeze on all equipment purchases for the fiscal year and ask the department to maintain the equipment they currently have. This will free up more funds for the General Budget. Finally, I would utilize the rainy day fund. Raising taxes and cutting services should be the ABSOLUTE last option before the city considers passing any financial burden onto its citizens.
I would enhance our safety forces, the tree canopy, and our green space. Our safety forces protect neighborhoods, patrol roads, and make Bay Village one of the safest communities in the county. I would enhance funding for personnel, equipment, and training so that our city is protected for years to come. Next, I would make sure that the natural environment of our neighborhoods is maintained and clean for future generations. I would like to see enhanced planning for tree plantings, maintenance of green space, and closer coordination with county and state park systems to make sure preservation is top priority.
First would be improvements for Sewers. I will vote to make sure resources are available for upgrades to protect our great asset Lake Erie. The second improvement would be Streets. I will vote to make sure streets are maintained and money will be available for annual paving programs. Third, I will vote to improve the sidewalk program and make sure all are accessible to residents and annually maintained. Finally, I will vote to improve Safety. I will make sure our Police and Fire personnel are fully funded, fully staffed, and fully trained.

The most pressing concern facing our city is the maintenance of our vast infrastructure. Specifically, our sewer and storm water collection systems. The majority of the calls I receive are sewer and storm water related and we should not have to worry about what is happening below our streets. As councilman, I would request budget for improving our collection systems, enhancing the annual cleaning program of the sewer and storm drains throughout our neighborhoods and invest in new sewer equipment. These requests will not only help adapt to the ever changing weather patterns, but also comply with the regulations of the state and federal E.P.A.
I am absolutely in favor in expanding the duties of this board to residential housing. This board would review, regulate the design, construction, alterations, moving and razing of residential homes. Moreover, these architects could potentially recommend to builders safer and greener alternative means of construction for our community. If utilized correctly, the board will help maintain property values, maintain the high character of the community development and protect our overall real estate within Bay Village from the impairment of the destruction of value.

This role should play a very important part for the city and we should lead by example. Take waste disposal for instance. City officials should do everything they can administratively to make sure that whichever refuse service they contract with, this company is doing everything in their power to recycle and reuse what they collect. Ohio has several landfills we have to make sure little goes in as possible. I believe every municipality has the responsibility in making sure we are contracting with responsible environmentally conscience companies.
Age 56
Education Bachelor's in Human Resource Management from Cleveland State University, 1997, after spending 10 years in the US Navy.
Qualifications for office Territory Manager for network infrastructure and ransomware recovery. I volunteer as an Auxiliary Police Officer for Bay Village, am involved in Children’s Ministry at our church and actively participate in City Council Meetings. We have lived in Bay Village for 26 years.
Campaign email address garysharp65@gmail.com
Campaign Phone (440) 596-0897
Twitter @garysharp65
I am not a fan of raising taxes or cutting services but when funding the operations of a city, the processes themselves must constantly be looked at to ensure we are maximizing the efficiency of people and government. Responsibilities at every level needs periodic evaluation to ensure we are approaching matters in the right manner. We also need to be evaluating capital expenditures of the past to understand why something came in over budget. The efficiency of government, the enforcement of our laws and the development of business zones will hopefully be addressed before any tax increase or services cut.
I believe one of the City’s best characteristics is our tree canopy. This must be preserved at all costs. Limiting the time of year that trees can be pruned to curb the spread of Oak Wilt would be one initiative. Another would be to communicate with homeowners who remove trees from their personal property and work with them to plant a tree somewhere in the city with a donation plaque. We cannot slip into a community where we have neighborhoods with no trees as our neighboring cities have elected to do.
Sidewalks need to be repaired and/or replaced to ensure a safe environment for all of us that enjoy walking our pets or exercising. We have too many sidewalks that are unlevel or cracked. Let’s work directly with homeowners and make this a priority. Also, bike lanes should be added wherever possible. I would also like to have a Ward 3 Welcoming Committee made up of Ward residents to personally welcome new families that move into our section of Bay. Making that personal connection will give the new residents a place to start when questions arise.
We need to address the need for affordable housing for couples that become empty nesters or are looking to downsize and want to stay in Bay. Also to attract residents from other cities that want to live in Bay. The City needs a plan for progression of life that enables families to remain in the city as they move through life’s stages.
A review of other cities in NE Ohio shows that this is the case for the Boards in their government. I believe we should expand the responsibility of the Board to include residential housing.
Just because we are a small town, does not mean we have the right to ignore our footprint on the environment. We have to always be aware of and protective of our waterways, lake, parks, sewers and ensure new construction, storm sewer overflows and all of us who live and work here are personally responsible for what is in our control. The City must the exert control over policies and infrastructure to do the same.