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Perrysburg City Council

Perrysburg City CouncilTerm Commencing January 1, 20223 to be Elected // Vote for 3Term of Office: 4 yearsSalary: $7,500(Once you have clicked on a candidate(s), scroll to the bottom of the page for their information.)

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    Deborah L. Born

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    Kevin Fuller

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    John D. Meier

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    Victor Senn

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    Barry E. VanHoozen

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    Mark A. Weber

Información Biográfica

If elected to City Council, in what two (2) committees would you have interest and/or background experience?

Do you believe that racial and cultural prejudices exist in our town? What, if anything, should the City Council do to promote a safe, inclusive, and welcoming community for all citizens?

What is the biggest challenge facing Perrysburg over the next four years? How will you address it?

Are you in favor of budgeting for refuse collection in future years to be paid out of the General Fund rather than a tax levy? Why or why not?

Campaign Email jfo9100@aol.com
Education Perrysburg High School, Bowling Green State University, Bachelor of Arts & Communication
Qualifications 4 years of service on Council, experience in business, 46 years of residency in Perrysburg City, a deep commitment to the future of my community.
As an incumbent member of City Council, I currently serve as Chair of the Recreation Committee and sit on the Safety Committee and the Finance and Economic Development Committee. I enjoy my work on these committees, and if reelected I would like to remain on them.
It is my opinion that racial and cultural prejudices are not present at any significant level among most Perrysburg City residents. Throughout my life I have personally been respectful of others, regardless of background or heritage and I believe that everyone should be treated with dignity and respect. It is not the role of any local government body to involve itself in shaping the personal views of its constituents.
The greatest challenge facing the government of the City of Perrysburg is to maintain our status as a community which combines a welcoming atmosphere for new residents with preservation of our unique status as a Historic community with features existing no where else in the region (our Historic downtown and residential district plus our natural riverfront). These maintain property values throughout the City and serve to distinguish us from the cookie cutter developments being built in neighboring communities. There is very little undeveloped land within the City’s current boundaries and further geographical expansion is not possible because we are landlocked. So, to remain in the forefront of desirable communities we must preserve what we have.
The refuse levy was created in 1987 as the result of a dispute within the community over the desirability of privatizing garbage pickup. It represents the difference between the City’s cost of providing the service at that time and a bid by a private company to do the same. Both computations became obsolete long ago and the levy is now nothing more than a windfall additional tax. This gives the City Administration more money to waste on unnecessary show projects. This levy should be abolished.
Campaign Email friendsoffuller21@gmail.com
Education Central Catholic HS, Owens CC, Cuyahoga CC, Carpenter's Apprenticeship 4 years
Qualifications Leadership experience, Auditing financials, Management, Conflict Resolution, Volunteer committee chair, Productivity, Enhanced communications, Community volunteer
If elected I would have the most interest to serve on the Personnel and Finance and Economic Development Committees. Given my background in construction management, cost awareness, oversight of personnel, estimation of materials regarding construction public works projects, along with my knowledge of collective bargaining, communication skills, and leadership serving on the personnel committee would be appropriate. Regarding Finance and Economic Development my experience as a Trustee on the Local 351 executive board being tasked with auditing and monitoring incoming and outgoing monies, paying attention to detail regarding financial decisions and thoroughly planning for the future will bring value to this committee. Understanding how business interacts with the surrounding area is extremely important and will take a knowledgeable decision making to benefit the taxpayer.
I believe racial and cultural prejudices exist in the world and in our community. I do not believe it is systemic in our town. Perrysburg is and will continue to be a wonderful, inclusive, and safe community for all, evidenced by a 5.72% increase in our population since 2010. Continuing to promote a welcoming community is paramount and cannot take a backseat as we move into the future. Constructive and explorational dialogue needs to be encouraged regarding this matter before problems arise. Maintaining a strong public school district and providing good jobs will continue to attract people of all races and cultures. When something isn’t right and racial or cultural prejudices are exposed they need to be addressed immediately. This will be done with strong leadership which I can confidently provide.
Growth is the greatest challenge facing Perrysburg. We must plan for the impact growth has on our infrastructure and school system. A healthy community has the right ratio of residential to business development. Being aware of how this affects our school district is extremely important. An economically sound business sector must continue to grow, not only to supply jobs but to evenly disperse taxes. Encouraging Perrysburg to play a proactive role in growing the business region will be on my “to-do” list. Addressing these issues by enticing business developers and investors to a thriving and safe town is key to encouraging, the right growth for Perrysburg. We must also identify and implement ways to streamline processes to reduce operating costs. Service personnel, police, and fire will continue to need support to meet the growing demand to accommodate the city's needs.
I support budgeting refuse collection from the general fund rather than a tax levy given what I know after examining the financials associated with this. I found the original levy was either used to offset increasing costs or talk of privatization of this service was being considered. Due to growth, this problem has been solved due to higher tax revenues. We currently have a surplus in the general fund, even after a poor year of income tax collection due to the pandemic and a growing surplus in the garbage and refuse fund. This alone proves that we now have an opportunity to reduce taxes for the residential taxpayer as more are being collected than what it costs to provide the service. While it is nice to have a “rainy day fund” our surplus is significant enough to cover refuse costs and still provide a financial safety net. The money is there already it should be put to use responsibly.
Campaign Email drjohn@johmeierforcouncil.com
Education B.A. Taylor University M.D. Wright State University M.B.A. Bowling Green State University
Qualifications 24+ years as a practicing Family Physician. 25 years as a Physician Executive in Practice Management, Hospital Administration and Health Insurance. Director of a manufacturing co.
I would be interested in serving on the Finance and Economic Development Committee and the Recreation Committees. I have had a great deal of experience in reviewing and developing budgets and reviewing financial statements through both my employment at ProMedica as well as being on the board of a manufacturing company. I have overseen departments with more than 100 employees and budgets in the tens of millions of dollars. I have a passion, as you would expect, for providing recreational facilities for the residents of Perrysburg. Recreational opportunities are crucial to maintaining the physical and mental health of the community. I have been very involved with organized sports in the community as a parent and board member of the athletic boosters of Perrysburg High School. Working with private funding (as the recent playground demonstrated) and combining public funds is imperative.
As a community, I don’t believe Perrysburg fosters cultural or racial prejudice. Unfortunately there are always those individuals in community of our size that exhibit and sometimes promote those ideas. We have seen some isolated instances, but fortunately the community has rallied around those that were subjects of these inappropriate actions in support and denounced the actions of the few. We all come into situations and decision making with biases, mostly unconscious. The role of government and leadership is to ensure that policies and statutes do not put community members at risk of experiencing disadvantage as a result of these biases. Another role of the city government is to promote education around recognizing bias among employees of the city. Goals should always be to provide an inclusive, welcoming and equitable experience for all residents and visitors.
The biggest challenge facing Perrysburg is undoubtedly the high rate of growth. Based on the last census, Perrysburg has added approximately 5000 residents since 2010. The impact on city services including EMS, Fire and Safety is significant. Fortunately the city has begun an evaluation of a comprehensive growth and development plan. I was able to participate in at least one of the sessions for the community to have input in the process. I think it is imperative to get as much public input as possible as the master plan is developed. It also needs to include the impact to the school system as this causes strain on facilities and educational costs. Where there can be synergies designed into the plans between the city and school system will lessen the financial impact and promote ongoing sustainability. All decisions on infrastructure projects need to be consistent with the Master Plan.
I believe that the property tax levy is probably the most appropriate way to fund refuse collection. Businesses in general produce more refuse and the corresponding income tax collections may not reflect the cost of refuse generated. The same applies to multifamily dwellings, which would tend to generate lower income tax revenue. The costs per facility/household to collect refuse and recycling is the same regardless of income. We can also look at other municipal entities of similar size and business makeup to compare best practice and results.
Campaign Email victorsenn@victorsenn.com
Education Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Bowling Green State University
Qualifications Chair of BGSU Administrative Staff Council; Member of Perrysburg Historic Landmarks Commission; Graduate of Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce Institute of Leadership and Advocacy
As a member of City Council, I would have the most interest in serving on the Planning and Zoning Committee and the Recreation Committee. While knocking doors, I have consistently heard from residents that they want a city council member who will promote sustainable growth in the city, and I believe serving on the Planning and Zoning Committee will give me the best opportunity to address this topic. By working closely with other members on this committee and on council at-large, we can assure that the Land Use Plan reflects the wants and needs of Perrysburg residents. In addition, residents enjoy the parks and outdoor green spaces offered in Perrysburg and serving on the Recreation committee will allow me to preserve these spaces. Multi-use paths and inclusive play spaces are just a couple of the recent proposals that continue to enhance the outdoor accessibility of Perrysburg.
Yes, racial and cultural prejudices exist. Not just in Perrysburg, but in every community. Each of us have differences, however, we have a responsibility to create a safe community for all. The City Council should support programs focused on continued education of diverse ideas and varied experiences. Participating in these educational opportunities will provide residents with a deeper understanding of what makes Perrysburg so vibrant. Our goal as a City Council should be to foster a community where each person can belong. When incidents of racial or cultural conflict have happened, Perrysburg residents have come together. We can recognize this progress and also recognize that there is still work to be done. I believe these actions and programs will make a difference in our collective effort to build a welcoming City for current residents and the future citizens of Perrysburg.
Perrysburg’s biggest challenge may also be its biggest opportunity and I believe this issue is the growth of the city. As I mentioned in my answer to question one, residents have consistently told me that they want a city council member who will promote sustainable growth. To address this, I will work with city council members to balance outward growth with the maintenance and enhancement of the infrastructure currently in our city. Residents want to know that their sidewalks will be maintained, that their roads will be well paved and that the services offered by the City will be easily accessible and I understand the concern that these goals may be more difficult to achieve if the city grows too quickly. I believe that by focusing on these details that have made Perrysburg a great place to live, we can turn the growth that does happen in the City into an opportunity.
This is a proposal that I would not be in favor of because budgeting for refuse collection through a tax levy allows flexibility for the City and accountability of the City for residents. Additionally, this is a levy that has been overwhelmingly supported by voters in recent elections. By budgeting through a tax levy, the city can guarantee that they will have the funding necessary to perform important services. Also, through this process residents can vote on the services that they believe most closely align with their needs and reject proposals that they see as unnecessary. As a City Council member, I will be committed to listening to residents and determining the services that are important to them. When choosing how to fund these services, I will do the work to communicate options that are cost effective and reflect the quality we strive for.
Campaign Email barry@barryvanhoozen.com
Education Purdue University: Bachelor of Science
Qualifications Small Business owner for 30 years City Councilman 8 years Former School Board member 12 years
Experience as Chairman of Personnel, Safety, and Service committee's has provided significant background. Having also served on Planning & Zoning and Public Utilities, I feel qualified to work on those committees as well. While on the School Board I served on the Finance committee for 12 years. If I am elected to the next term on City Council, I would be able and willing to serve on any committee. My interest is drawn to the Public Utilities and Safety committees in particular.
Racial and cultural prejudices do exist in our town. City Council promotes safety by providing adequate funding for staffing and equipping our police. We need to continue to have proper evaluations in the hiring and training of our police. City council decorum toward each other and differing opinions sets an example for public debate. Humans learn behaviors from their surroundings, so we need to be cognizant of our tone, vocabulary, and demeanor. Prejudice and stereotyping exists and always has, the solution is the conversations we have at our dinner table and checking our heart.
The biggest challenge facing Perrysburg is balancing residential growth with appropriate commercial development. The proposed land use plan will be helpful with this challenge. To balance residential growth with commercial development is the best way to offset the increasing property tax burden that we are facing. As our student population grows so does our need for local funding thru property taxes to fund our schools, both buildings and operations. The only way to offset the personal property tax burden is to have commercial and industrial development to provide property tax relief for our residents. Affordability is crucial to maintaining a diverse community.
For over 30 years the collective wisdom of council has been to ask the public if they would be supportive of a tax renewal to pay for refuse collection. Voters decide whether a renewal of this tax is warranted or not. The direct ask is not all that different than how we hold our school district accountable. Interestingly the community has overwhelmingly been in favor of this renewal tax for refuse collection. I do believe the city could afford to pay for the collection cost at this time, but I also believe whenever we can allow the citizens to have a voice we should. This is an example of democracy at work.
Campaign Email weber5754@att.net
Education Perrysburg High School 1975; Jackson Community College; Toledo Electrical J.A.T.C
Qualifications Twice appointed to City Council; 60 year resident of Perrysburg area; Active in the community; Member, or former member of multiple Perrysburg committees, commissions, and boards.
Since 2019 I have served on five different committees. I was chairman of the Safety Committee, and currently sit as chairman of the Finance and Economic Development Committee. In an effort to gather as much information as possible before voting on issues or legislation, I attend the meetings of nearly every committee and commission, whether I am seated on them or not. With a career in construction, I have offered useful input as a member of the Service and Public Utilities Committees. The Safety Committee has also been a good fit for me, as I have kept myself well informed on the operations of the police and fire divisions. All seven committees are important to the functioning of our city government, and I am prepared to serve on any one of them.
Racial and cultural prejudices exist in towns of all sizes across America, and Perrysburg is no exception. Personally, as a life-long resident, I recognize I have not lived the experiences, nor could I pretend to know what it is like to be a person of color in a predominantly White community. I try to remain mindful of this throughout my everyday life, and as I make decisions that affect our residents and visitors. As a community, no matter how much we think we are doing to be inclusive and welcoming, we can always do better. That comes with education, awareness, and getting to know your neighbor. City Council should continue to be supportive of enhancing and expanding our park system, and help facilitate community events. The arts are a fantastic way to educate and showcase multicultural talents, including musical events and the new Woodlands Park Sculpture Walk with rotating exhibits.
The management of growth in Perrysburg has been an ongoing concern for residents. Without growth, our city’s economy would become stagnate. City Council’s challenge is to manage growth by promoting residential and economic development consistent with Perrysburg's high standards while maintaining its small town charm and historical integrity. Encouraging commercial development with high paying jobs will eventually ease the tax burden on our citizens. Growth strategies in Perrysburg should also focus on our aging population. Senior citizens who wish to age-in-place and maintain a sense of independency should be allowed that opportunity. The data collected from citizens' input in our most recent Land Use Plan suggests a desire for redevelopment within our current boundaries to integrate residential with light commercial. Providing walkability to most amenities will be a benefit to all ages.
The 1.0 mill refuse replacement levy, which has been voted on every two years, is for residential properties only. A Resolution of Necessity is reviewed and voted on by Council before it is placed on the ballot; which I recently voted in favor of. Commercial businesses pay for their trash pick-up separately. If refuse collection was to be paid out of the General Fund, business owners could demand that they are entitled to the same services as the residents. This would not only put a strain on our Public Service Department, it would cost Perrysburg taxpayers more in the long run. One of the things that attract people to Perrysburg is the quality of our services. With the levy in place, residents are able to hold the city accountable to ensure that they are getting the services they are specifically paying for. Ultimately, the voters are the ones who decide if the levy continues.