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New Berlin Borough Mayor

Description of office: The Mayor is the chief law enforcement officer of the borough, the executive administrator of the police department (if there is one), and the elected official who takes charge during the time of an emergency. S/he attends and takes part in the monthly Borough Council meetings and votes in cases of a tie (unless it involves the hiring or firing of police personnel). The Mayor has the power to sign or veto ordinances and regulations as well as the responsibility for their enforcement.Term: 4 yearsSalary: Information unavailableVote for ONE.

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    Nancy Showers

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    Scott E. Benfer

Información Biográfica

What do you see as the biggest challenge your borough/township faces at this time, and how would you address it?

Education Lewisburg Area School District (K-12); Bucknell University (Bachelors degree in biology); Bucknell University (Masters degree in education/ school psychology & counseling)
Qualifications Our family has lived in New Berlin for 40+ years, committing to its residents, activities, property, environment, heritage, & legacy. Time, energy, & interest in maintaining/reclaiming the potential, quaintness, & greater connection between residents of this community are genuine & everpresent.
Several challenges currently face our New Berlin community. Each phrase below offers a solution to a corresponding imbedded challenge:

*listening to residents with deference rather than indifference;

*conversing concretely in response to residents’ concerns;

*promoting predictable & consistent enforcement of ordinances already on our borough’s books;

*developing a stable police presence with scheduling reflecting times of greatest need;

*simply enhancing community camaraderie while focusing on safety, personal & property values, & community pride.

It’s that simple & it’s that difficult. As mayor (in a largely ceremonial, non-voting role), I’d actively promote greater communication via a supportive voice on our borough council.
Education Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Education Graduate (1989)
Qualifications Although I am not a lifelong politician, I do currently serve on two church boards, and have an understanding of what it takes to unite together; while working alongside others, who may or may not hold your same beliefs and/or values, in an effort to accomplish a common goal.
I see our town's greatest challenge is in overcoming the division that has swept across our nation in recent years. I believe this can be best accomplished through the joint efforts of all New Berlin citizens, by laying aside our differences and focusing our efforts on the areas where we find common ground. Ultimately, we all want to live and raise our families in a town that is safe. Sadly, one division that is seen in many cities across our nation is that between citizens and police officers. The mayor's main duty is to oversee the police department. I would do my best to bridge the gap between our citizens and those who serve this community. I would strive for unity by actively listening to needs of both our citizens and our officers.