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Description of office: There are 6 to 8 council members in each borough with half elected every 2 years. Borough Council members meet once monthly and are responsible for enacting, revising, repealing, and amending ordinances and resolutions that govern and are beneficial to the borough, but are not inconsistent with the laws of the Commonwealth. The Council appoints other borough officers such as secretary, treasurer, solicitor, manager, etc., but no council member can also be a borough employee. The Borough Council has the power to make, authorize, and ratify expenditures for lawful purposes from available funds or from funds borrowed within legal limits. Additionally, each member serves on at least one committee such as planning, police, public works, or finance.Term: 4 yearsSalary: $25 per monthVote for not more than FOUR.

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    David Farmer

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    Bonnie Hamilton

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    Michael Palermo
    (Dem, Rep)

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    Julianne W. Finkbiner

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    Meghan Shambach

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    David Wertz

Información Biográfica

What do you see as the biggest challenge your borough/township faces at this time, and how would you address it?

Education High school in New Jersey, undergraduate at the University of Delaware, and graduate school at Oklahoma State University.
Qualifications I have lived in New Berlin for almost 25 years and plan to be here for the rest of my life. For the past couple years I have been attending Borough Council meetings and feel that I understand the commitment involved in serving the community as a Council member.
In recent years I have observed that the efforts and initiatives of the Borough Council are often not appreciated by the community, and in many cases this is due to a lack of communication. I will work to open the channels of communication and foster an environment where everyone can work together.
Education BA in Philosophy from McDaniel College MA in Philosophy and Social Policy from American University.
Qualifications I feel a calling to serve my community but more importantly to bridge the divide. I believe the people in our community want and need local focus and local commitment. Too many national issues have divided us really most people want similar things. People need local leadership and accountability.
Bringing people together to solve shared local problems or safety, use of public shared spaces or resources, and revitalizing New Berlin. We do this by listening to the community and finding solutions and compromise.
Education Graduate degree
Qualifications Concerned resident of New Berlin over 42 years. Active member of New Berlin Lions at one time. Assisted with borough audit several years. Serve on the Municipal Authority.
Informing and including the public in decision making and providing feedback as to what is going on with relevant issues. Also, noise pollution and speeding has become an issue with the increase in traffic on Market and Vine streets. Invite community members to attend meetings and provide opportunities for comments and suggestions regarding pertinent issues.
Education BS in Business Administration from Bloomsburg University
Qualifications 15 years of Council experience. 30 years of accounting experience.
As always, our budget is tight. We face a group of citizens that want more government intervention in their lives in order to feel taken care of. That is not the role of municipal government nor any government for that matter. Balancing doing the best for our borough and continuing to protect the constitutional rights of the citizens is our job. In addition, safeguarding and responsibly spending the tax revenue we receive in a way that improves all of our lives. I do that by balancing the budget every year with the help of the other members of finance committee. Council is kept informed of available grants as well. We remain diligent to stay the growth of government in New Berlin.
Education B.S Biology B.S Environmental Science M.S Occupational Safety and Health, Concentration: Environmental Management
Qualifications Current Borough Council Member
One of the biggest challenges we are working on in our borough is the former New Berlin Elementary School building. The building currently is limited in use due to the environmental conditions and the financial burden of remediating them. The borough recently applied and received a grant for a feasibility study to hire a consultant to assist in the determination of what should be done with the school in its current physical condition and what can be done with the building that will sustain and support the community. This feasibility study will open up opportunities for community input, financial support and growth of the current Plum Street Park. I am currently a part of the study committee leading this effort among community members.
Qualifications long-time resident of New Berlin (28+ years), my children grew up here, served as NBFD volunteer fireman (20 years) and line officer (10 years), volunteer ambulance driver (20 years), New Berlin Little League coach (9 years), keen interest in serving our community
For some time now we have faced noise pollution in our otherwise quiet borough. I'm looking forward to working with council and the community at large to reduce the level of noise pollution. While some noise may be attributed to increased traffic on Market & Vine we also have noise pollution on our secondary streets that we may be able to address and resolve.

Development of the former New Berlin Elementary and the Plum Street Park venue. This is a lovely central location to many in the community and may hold interest for others outside of our community. I look forward to working with council to determine what might be possible given budgetary constraints.