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Knoxville City Council District 1

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  • Elizabeth Murphy

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    Tommy Smith

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Knoxville sees itself as a leader on sustainability issues. What ideas do you have to strengthen our emphasis on sustainability?

What jobs and businesses do you want to see in your district?

If/when Knoxville receives money from the Infrastructure Bill, what are your priorities for spending this money?

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Campaign Phone (865) 567-6211
Campaign Website http://tommyforknoxville.com
Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/TommySmith1stDistrict/
Twitter https://twitter.com/TommyDistrict1
• Dedicated funding and resources for multi-year program to measure and reduce waste/litter in partnership with the County. • Continue improving upon the City’s first Tree Mitigation Bank. Tree • Utilize data from the recent tree canopy study to implement critical zoning changes and ensure we sustain good tree canopy. • Sustained funding for electric buses and the Freedom Pass to allow students to ride KAT for free. • EV charging infrastructure into low-income neighborhoods. • Utilize the City’s participation in the TN RiverLine to directly improve access points to the Tennessee River, and by doing so, improve the cleanliness of the Tennessee River and its contributing streams. • Expanding and protecting green spaces and tree canopy (i.e. Urban Wilderness).
• Local businesses on Chapman Highway and in Vestal. • Clean energy technology companies at Cherokee Farms.
• Workforce development programs for local residents. • Additional funds for the Affordable Housing Fund. • Expanded public transportation. • Infrastructure funding for sidewalks, road paving, and waste water.