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Knoxville City Council District 3

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  • Nicholas Ciparro

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    Seema Singh

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Knoxville sees itself as a leader on sustainability issues. What ideas do you have to strengthen our emphasis on sustainability?

What jobs and businesses do you want to see in your district?

If/when Knoxville receives money from the Infrastructure Bill, what are your priorities for spending this money?

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Campaign Phone (865) 368-8391
Campaign Email knoxseema@gmail.com
Campaign Website http://www.voteforseema.com/
Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/VoteSeema
Twitter @voteseema
I would like to see the City's Energy and Sustainability Work Plan be revisited and modified to integrate economic and workforce development factors into every aspect of the Plan.

I support Knoxville’s Sustainability Goals - 50% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030, 80% reduction by 2050.

My top 3 sustainability issues:

1. Solar in the Hood: I will support a Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy ordinance that will enable no-money-down financing of solar and energy efficiency projects for cash-strapped nonprofits and churches.

2. Expansion of all-electric public transportation: I support this in the Energy and Sustainability Work Plan.

3. Low-income energy efficiency: Increase CAC funding for more of these upgrades for low-income homeowners and tenants.
My district needs a sustainable mix of small businesses and large scale employers, all of which are good corporate citizens that treat their employees with respect and pay a living wage.
The Third District is a rapidly expanding area that is quickly outgrowing its infrastructure of roads. bridges, and flood control. My district's neighborhoods are on a long waiting list for traffic calming, road widening, signage, and flood control projects that the City's current budget is unable to adequately pay for. I will be making sure that local money from the Federal Infrastructure Bill is sufficiently directed to these needs.