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Greenwich First Selectman

BOARD OF SELECTMENFIRST SELECTMANFULL-TIME SALARIED 2-YEAR TERM Vote for 1The First Selectman is the chief executive officer for the Town. The First Selectman supervises many Town departments, such as Fire, Police, Public Works, Law, Information Technology and Parks and Recreation. The First Selectman is responsible for labor negotiations for the Town (except for teachers’ contracts), and is also an ex-officio (nonvoting) member of all boards and commissions, a voting member of the Flood and Erosion Control Board and of the Bruce Museum Board. The First Selectman is also responsible for preparing an initial Town-wide budget for submission to the Board of Estimate and Taxation. Note: The candidate for First Selectman with the highest vote total is elected First Selectman. All other candidates for First Selectman become candidates for Selectman.

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    Fred Camillo

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    William Kelly

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Biographical Statement (300 character limit)

What will be your top three priorities in your role as First Selectman? (600 character limit)

Over the next two years what town and school capital projects would you prioritize? How would you use your position to ensure that these projects get implemented? (600 character limit)

What does the Town need to do, in the short and long term, to protect its residents and vital infrastructure from the effects of climate change? What would be the cost of these efforts? (600 character limit)

With the increase in infrastructure spending from the Federal government, how will Greenwich benefit and what projects would you prioritize? (600 character limit)

A fourth generation resident of Greenwich, I have served my hometown on the RTM, for 11 years in the Connecticut General Assembly, on numerous other boards, committees, and task forces, chaired the Parks Board and RTC, and for the past two years as First Selectman. Public service is my passion.
In a second term, my top three priorities will be to continue the public/private partnerships ( P3 ) 1that we have already begun to employ in our quest to fund much needed projects, and that also save taxpayer dollars; making Greenwich safer and more attractive through pedestrian friendly enhancements; and keeping local zoning laws autonomous.

P3 efforts: the town has secured a pledge to help build a new Eastern Greenwich Civic Center and will continue the effort with other projects. Sightline improvements, shorter distances for people to walk and car speed focuses will continue.
The capital projects I will prioritize in the next term will be to get the EGCC, now on its way to being started, built; Roger Sherman Baldwin Park overhauled and beautified; replacing the surface parking lot at Island Beach with a new waterfront area, replete with greenery, restaurants, and shops, and parking; and the Hamill Rink. All of these will have a P3 component to substantially lower the cost to taxpayers. The reconfiguration of the Holly Hill Resource Recovery Center, an issue for decades, will also be addressed.

JC and OG schools, GHS soil remediation; Cardinal Stadium completed.
We have put $8 million in the budget to address sea level rise over the next 15 years, though we will monitor and adjust if needed. Coastal Resiliency is concern and the Town is committed to reducing coastal flood risk.

We have also enacted a First Selectman's Energy Advisory Committee that will be presenting the Town with a plan to make Greenwich more green and to reap the financial savings that would accompany that blueprint. We placed the town's first ever electric vehicle charging stations ( two ) at Town Hall. On the recycling front, we have added two more items, food scraps and textiles
We are still waiting for details on the recently passed $3 million infrastructure bill and have been in contact with our Congressman's office. We hope to know more by mid-September.

In regard to prioritization of projects, we will look to fund public safety enhancements, both on Greenwich Avenue and in all other areas of town. Absent the details, I will say that our hope is to also apply funds to coastal resiliency efforts, sewer upgrades, road and bridge improvements, and ADA compliance and inclusion.
Married:Barbara,40 years; two daughters, Liz, attorney, Riverside, two girls (6 & 4) and Kristen, Pres GHS ‘05; Chief Resident,Mt. Sinai. Moved to OG in 1992. RTM6 94-99(Chair 96-99);9;BOE 99-07; BET 07-11;Board G’wich Audubon 2015-21; BBA Finance Notre Dame; JD Brooklyn Law; Chair Pumpkin Patch 95
1. School/Town Infrastructure. I served on the BOE on the Facility Committee and in 99-00 we did first comprehensive study of school buildings. I also served on multiple school building committees. We need to increase our investment in capital to fix and maintain our schools. I will reconvene the Capital Planning Committee to prioritize our capital projects. 2. Work with BET to ensure a reasonable and predictable mill rate as we did when I was on (2007-11) 3. Work with Chiefs for fully staffed fire and police coverage and response times that are within benchmarks 4. Fix Traffic G’wich Av
My priority would be to bring our school buildings up to the level you expect. When ceilings are falling (North Mianus) and when we need to check on the cracks in the floors and walls to make sure the cracks are not expanding (Central Middle School) we have waited too long. The time to take action is now. I will create space in the capital budget and/or increase the capital budget to make these investments. I will use the bully pulpit to ensure these projects get implemented. As for the HAMILL rink there will be a new rink but the rink user comm. will be replaced with a representative comm
As the President of Rocky Point Club for four years (2015-19) I have first hand knowledge of how the size and ferocity of the storms has increased. We’ve used Jersey barriers which work sometimes but we know the day is coming when we need to raise structures or build higher walls. We need to face the challenge as a united Town.Grass Island needs to be protected. If we act as one, as we did when large barges were going to be placed in front of Tods Point, we can prevail. (Stamford Advocate, 10/12/19). My first meeting in Town Hall on 12/2/21 has already been set with GHS Environmental group
Greenwich will benefit in that 16M received with another 16M coming next May. The BOE is also receiving significant funds, My priorities are above. I have also been a strong advocate for our children having great fields and priority use. We need to have remediation done. In 1998, after the Parks Dept refused to provide the growing number of children more field time I initiated a Sense of the Meeting Resolution to the RTM (see RTM Minutes 1/21/98) setting the priority of use of the fields in favor of the children over all others. Also to have less cars, we need more room for bikes.