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New Canaan Selectman

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    Kathleen Corbet

  • Nick Williams

Please provide a brief biography of yourself, your qualifications for the position you are seeking, and relevant experience and/or character traits that will make you successful in your role as well as any personal experience, beliefs, or other factors that will impact your decision-making process. (700 character limit)

What are your top three priorities for the Town over the next two years and what would be a successful outcome in those areas. (700 character limit)

It is an honor to give back to this wonderful community – our home for 25 years – as a member of the Board of Selectmen and previously the Town Council and Board of Finance. As Selectman, I bring over 35 years of global leadership experience as an executive and board director in financial services, insurance and technology and I endeavor to provide our Town with best practices in financial management, board governance and risk oversight. I have advocated for and led collaborative efforts to establish the Town Audit Committee and Ethics Board. As a Selectman, my decisions are guided by research, listening to our community and with a view towards the long-term sustainability of our vibrant town.
As Selectman, I will continue my efforts to: Ensure fiscal prudence and responsible financial management in strategy, operations and capital planning. Provide priority advocacy and support to our high-quality education, infrastructure, parks and public safety. Improve community communication, re-establish our Town Annual Report, and ensure a full Board of Selectmen review and approval process for qualified volunteers for our boards and commissions. These initiatives, among others, will lead to successful outcomes in budgeting and cost savings and efficiencies in health insurance; maintaining our excellence in education; and ensuring that our Town remains a great place to grow up and grow old.
Since 2011 I have served as a Selectman of New Canaan. Prior to becoming a Selectman, I served as a member of our Board of Education, including as that Board's Vice Chairman (2009) and Chairman (2010-2011). During my tenure on the Board, I spearheaded several key initiatives, including the introduction of foreign languages in our elementary schools, augmenting the number of guidance counselors at NCHS, and making the Board the first town body to have its meetings televised. A New Canaan resident since 1996, I'm married to Whitney LeGard Williams, who grew up here and graduated from our public school system. We have three children, Tori, Chase and Kent, all proud NCHS graduates.
1. Maintain the quality and excellence of our public school system. As a former Chairman of the Board of Education and a long-time Selectman, I am fully aware of the importance of having our school system continue to be one of the finest in Connecticut, if not the entire country. 2. Accomplish a full renovation (or, alternatively, a whole new building) of the Police Department at its current site on South Avenue. Our terrific PD team deserves better than the dark and dilapidated structure that it currently occupies. 3. Continue to support the introduction of new cell towers in New Canaan. As I've said on many occasions, this is perhaps the single biggest safety issue we face in town.