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New Canaan Board of Assessment Appeals

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    Pavla Levin

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    Kevin McIntosh

  • Barb Shaw

What personal characteristics are needed to serve on the Board of Assessment Appeals and which of those do you possess? (500 character limit)

What specific factors do you think are most important when evaluating Assessment Appeals? (500 character limit)

Willingness to give careful consideration to fair and accurate valuation of each taxpayer's private property in accordance with the rules and regulations of the town of New Canaan. I possess the necessary educational and professional background to handle the technical complexities of the job as well as a proven track record of ethical and impartial behavior.
Respecting individual taxpayer's property rights while strictly adhering to the rules and regulations of the town of New Canaan. I believe I can strike a balance between the two and uphold fairness and impartiality in all my decisions.
Kevin P. McIntosh

Kevin McIntosh, has been a resident of New Canaan CT for over 35 years moving here from Bronxville NY. His corporate career was spent in the advertising business primarily in NYC agencies working on national brands and later with his own agencies. He is a past President and member of the New Canaan Exchange Club, Membership Chairman of the New Canaan Men’s Club, Board member of New Canaan CERT and President of Laurel Green Association, he also served on the Building Committee for the Wavney Pool and Kiwanis Park. A graduate of Marist College , his sons graduated from the New Canaan schools and live in Fairfield and Darien. His wife Debby is active in St Aloysius church ministries.
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