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Nashville-Davidson Co School Board District 2

The school board represents the public s voice in public education, providing oversight for what the public schools need and what the community wants. Duties include employing and evaluating a director of schools; teacher tenure decisions; preparing and approving a budget to present to the Metro Council, and establishing standards and policies governing student attendance and behavior. A school board member must be at least 25 years old, a resident of Davidson County, TN for at least 5 years, a district resident for at least 1 year, and a qualified registered voter. Additionally, candidates shall hold no other elective or appointive public office. Terms are four years, with alternating election of odd and even district representatives every two years.

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    Edward Arnold

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    Rachael Anne Elrod

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    Todd Pembroke

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What qualifies you as the best candidate for this office?

What are the most pressing issues facing the public that you plan to address?

What will be your top priority if you are elected and how will you achieve that goal?

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I’m running for my second term on the board, for the same reason I ran in 2018. The BOE needs a steady voice for professional governance and strategic funding. We need members that can challenge what they know and not over simplify complex issues. My professional experience in change management, my time an elementary educator, and as a mother of children that attend MNPS schools makes me uniquely qualified for the position.

I am known for being an effective, thoughtful leader of the Board of Education. There have been conversations within MNPS for many years surrounding the return of fifth grade to elementary schools, later start times, Southeast Nashville growth, and teacher and staff raises. These things are finally being tackled.
• Recruitment and retention of staff and educators with an emphasis on diverse candidates that reflect our student populations. We must continue our focus on "hard to fill" positions, which include bus drivers and special education educators, but we need long term benefit strategies for all MNPS positions. • Expanding student and SEL supports, especially in our middle and high school. This includes English Language Learner supports, reducing counselor and psychologist rations, and continued support of our Academies model for vocational learning. • Reversing the historical underfunding of MNPS by the State of Tennessee. We cannot provide the necessary curriculums and supports for our students, staff, and families without fair funding.
The biggest issue heard in my district is the need to address the continued and fast paced growth within Southeast Nashville. There have been community meetings and the want for an additional elementary school in District 2 for over a decade. So, I am very proud that I have been able to secure two new, additional elementary schools for district along with the redesign of Haywood Elementary. These schools are currently going through the design and planning phase, but we will need funding from the city for them to be built. My priority is getting these schools fully funded and built within the next three years with a building and strategic plan to address our middle schools in anticipation of these students entering those grades.
With no political aspirations, I simply want to get involved to influence positive change within current public school system. I have a vested interest in this position with 3 young girls beginning their journey in MNPS and want to ensure a quality education for them and their peers. I stand firm in my convictions and not swayed by outside interference. Currently serving in TN Army National Guard along with owning and operating a small business (Farmers Insurance - Pembroke Agency). I have 18 years of formal education and influenced by my Mother & Stepfather who are both retired educators along with my wife who taught at Liberty charter school and JT Moore Middle.
- Shift power and control from the schools & government to PARENTS; improve transparency - Reinstate traditional forms of curriculum and focusing on the basics while removing CRT, common core, and sexuality - Instill traditions, pride, discipline & positivity to the students while empowering students & educators alike with personal responsibility. - Increase educator compensation which will combat atrophy and improve overall employee pool selection & quality.
Remove any divisive or controversial material & subjects from the curriculum. There are plenty of positive and beneficial topics that are available. This is implemented by Superintendent and carried out by all Principals but will be tracked and "supervised" by parents of the students.