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Montgomery Co. Commission - Dist. 16

Although a voter does not have to choose a political party at the time of registering to vote, at the primary election the voter selects a party and is given a ballot for that party.

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    Lisa Prichard

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    Joshua Wikholm

Información Biográfica

What do you see as the main responsibilities of a County Commissioner?

What are two goals you would like to accomplish during your term of office?

How would you accomplish those goals?

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Education Some college
Work experience 11 years United States army, current licensed insurance producer
Phone Number 6199620448
The main responsibilities of the county commissioner are to maintain and oversee the county budget (most of which goes to the school and sheriff’s department) this budget is funded by property taxes.
I would like to see better access to behavioral health facilities across the county, this will cut down on crime significantly. I would like to see more resources for animal care and control, so they have more facilities and officers.
For the first portion, create resolutions that incentivize social workers to work for the county in the school’s and in the county health department as well as sheriff’s department. This can be funded by federal and state grant money, and would not require an increase in property taxes. For the Animal care and control portion, the county has already had a massive increase in growth and therefore the revenue is already there and would not require an increase in property taxes to pay for the minor boost to the orginazation.