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Montgomery Co. Commission - Dist. 17

Although a voter does not have to choose a political party at the time of registering to vote, at the primary election the voter selects a party and is given a ballot for that party.

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    Sam Houston

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    Chris Rasnic

Información Biográfica

What do you see as the main responsibilities of a County Commissioner?

What are two goals you would like to accomplish during your term of office?

How would you accomplish those goals?

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Education Associate's degree in business
Work experience Environmental Inspector
Phone Number 931-624-3786
I believe the main responsibility as a County Commissioner is to make sure that your constituents voices are heard. That you help solve issues and concerns that the community might have. If I am re-elected I will continue working with the community solving their issues and concerns and making sure that they feel heard. I would like to make sure Montgomery County is a great place where families can work,live and play.
First goal is to work on the county infrastructure and improve the quality of life in our area. Trenton road is one of the roads in my district that needs to be addressed now. There is always traffic on this road so we need to work with the state to get it widened. Second goal is to fix our overcrowded classrooms. We need to get our kids out of portables and get them into smaller class with a good student to teacher ratio. These are two things I hear from the community a lot that need to be fixed.
To solve our infrastructure issues we need to work with the City and State to widen roads and add roads where we can to better the flow of traffic in Montgomery County. The County may have to do joint projects to speed up road projects and get them done now. To solve our overcrowded classrooms we need to build new schools and add classrooms to existing school to solve the overcrowding.