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Montgomery Co. School Board - Dist. 5

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    Jimmie Garland

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    Brad Morrow

Información Biográfica

What do you see as the main responsibilities of a county school board member?

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing the Montgomery County School Board at this time?

What role do you think a county school board should have in charter school approval process?

Education BA Business Management
Work experience Logstician
Phone Number 9312166745
My main responsibility, as a school board representative of the Clarksville Montgomery County School System (CMCSS) is to monitor the work of the district to ensure it is operating in accordance with (IAW) Tennessee State Laws as specified in Tennessee Codes Annotated (TCA). I am also charged with, in collaboration with my fellow board members, advocating for the staff, students and teachers of the district to secure funds needed to provide them access to a safe and modernized learning and teaching environment. I am also required to attend educational sessions to sustain my ability to carry out my school board representative fiduciary responsibilities as required IAW TCA.
CMCSS is experiencing overwhelming growth in population throughout our community. With growth come challenges associated with the availability of suitable space to operate schools within Tennessee class sizes IAW Tennessee basic education program (BEP) guidelines. We are currently having to house and educate students in portables facilities to meet those guidelines. Although I am grateful that we own the mobile buildings, there is a real safety deficit that comes with utilization of portable building. Thanks to our funding base, we are in the process of building additional facilities that will be a welcome relief in the near future.

I think the local school board should have full authority to either approve or reject public charter schools’ applications. We are the elected body who has firsthand knowledge of the capabilities and needs of the students within our geographical area. In Montgomery County, CMCSS is doing an excellent job at defining the educational needs of our students and the creation of additional academies/courses when the need for expansion is defined by the desire of our students. Also, we do not need to put our residents in a situation where they might have to experience a tax increase for public charter schools when we know there will be pressing needs for the purchase of local public-school facilities to get us ahead of our growth experience.
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