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Rutherford County TRUSTEE

The Trustee serves as the treasurer of the county and in this position, he must implement a sound cash management policy because of its affect on other county offices and on taxpayers. The office serves as the county bank since it handles all receipts and disbursements for the operating departments of general government, public education, and highways. The Trustee is responsible for billing and collecting property taxes, maintaining accurate records of property tax payments, managing the total cash of the county, and investing the idle cash funds.

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Información Biográfica

Why are you running for Trustee?

How does your background prepare you to serve as the Trustee?

What will be your top priority for the office of Trustee, if you are elected?

Campaign Mailing Address 10137 HALLS HILL PIKE
MILTON, TN 37118
To courteously, and efficiently serve the citizens of Rutherford County. I want to treat every one fairly and operate the office to minimize costs and maximize revenue while protecting the assets of the county.
My experience serving as Trustee as well as my educational and business background have prepared me to effectively continue serving as Trustee.
To continue to use technology to reduce expenses while improving convenience. It is important to maintain personal customer service and not let technologies replace the human touch.