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The board of commissioners leads the county government—passing legislation and administering services and programs. Commissioners approve budgets, hire staff, and set policy.

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What do you see as the main responsibilities of a county commissioner?

What are two goals you would like to accomplish during your term of office?

How would you accomplish those goals?

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Campaign Phone 615-603-5038
Campaign Facebook URL http://www.facebook.com/RobertWPeay
A commissioner should be a servant for all our citizens. It is important to be available to answer calls to give residents advice or direction for help with their concerns. We must be good stewards of the county’s tax dollars to provide a safe and pleasant place to live, work, and raise our families. This includes providing police, fire protection, EMS, safe roads, and a good education for our children.
One goal would be to reach a responsible solution for managing Rutherford County’s solid waste needs. A second goal would be to provide fire and ambulance stations in our communities- which will shorten response times and save lives, plus help lower insurance costs for residents.
I'm currently on our Public Works committee and we're vetting applicants to handle our solid waste. I support ideas that are economically and environmentally conscientious. We should work to partner with our municipalities to provide long term solutions. I want to reclaim our existing closed landfill. We have spent over $300,000.00 this year for leachate removal alone. This doesn’t include continuous maintenance costs which could easily exceed $1M. I’m committed to getting this problem resolved. I am also on the county’s Public Safety committee which has moved plans to build six fire and ambulance stations to our Budget committee. Being chairman of Budget, I helped find federal grant funding to construct four of these lifesaving stations.
Campaign Mailing Address 1750 BEAR PAW LN
Campaign Phone 6159005175
First and foremost, a County Commissioner should represent the community and be an advocate and voice for the people in the district.

All Commissioners have the same responsibilities of making decisions regarding public safety, education, budgeting, and the like. However, a successful Commissioner should realize there are numerous people who have vast amounts of knowledge and experience in the community, just waiting to be heard.

In all matters, Commissioners should actively ask the community for their input. They shouldn't simply wait for the community to contact them.
Building on my previous response, I would like to create mechanisms for people in the community to have a voice. All Commissioners are able to receive phone calls and respond to emails. But I believe that is simply not enough. We need online surveys, polls, and other methods to understand how the community feels.

As for a specific community issue, I would like to see the County Commission take more steps toward managing the growth in Rutherford County. We need to make sure we secure proper infrastructure, such as roadways and public safety as we continue to grow.
To improve communication, I will continue to engage followers via social media. I have been asking for opinions on current issues and trying to understand how people feel and in what direction they would like to see their community move.

With regard to growth, I will make sure to actively speak to people in areas where growth and developments are proposed. I won't just wait for them to contact me. This will allow me to understand exactly how the community feels and what would serve them best.