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The board of commissioners leads the county government—passing legislation and administering services and programs. Commissioners approve budgets, hire staff, and set policy.

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What do you see as the main responsibilities of a county commissioner?

What are two goals you would like to accomplish during your term of office?

How would you accomplish those goals?

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Campaign Mailing Address 11795 MT PLEASANT RD
Rockvale, TN 37153
Campaign Phone (931)212-9037
Campaign Website http://www.read8.com
I have always considered myself a "full-time" County Commissioner serving the citizens of District 8 and Rutherford County. My responsibilities have been to look after their interest that affects them in all aspects of county government. I must be available to answer when called upon, be in attendance to voice their opinions at county commission meetings and respond to problems within the district where I may be of help. My phone is available 24/7 as well as my email.

My district contains four public schools with approximately 6,100 students in attendance. They are a priority along with a continued effort in increasing Public Safety and Fire Protection, improved infrastructure and providing broadband in District 8.
For the last two years I have led an effort for increasing the number of Public Health & Safety Buildings in the county. These include fire, ambulance and sheriff along with community health facilities. We have broken ground on 2 out of 6 proposed buildings. With it being important to complete the remaining four, one of my goals is to see that the final goal of six is completed.

My second goal is to keep our county employees competitive in employment pay as well as training along with other counties of our size. With this goal I wish to establish a method of keeping these pay standards continually renewed so our employees do not become part of a political issue come election time.
It is our goal for our Public Health & Safety Buildings that the established funds for their purpose will remain efficient for the conclusion of construction. However, if cost continue to rise and if promised funds become not available, I will push forward to gain those funds to see that these buildings are completed for the safety and well-being of all our county citizens. This can be accomplished by grants and other means. Hopefully the current Pay Study being conducted at the time of this writing will give us an insight into where we are in comparison to others dealing with paying our employees. That study must be taken into consideration and establish a guide for now and the future. Each year a similar comparison should be used.