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The board of commissioners leads the county government—passing legislation and administering services and programs. Commissioners approve budgets, hire staff, and set policy.

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What do you see as the main responsibilities of a county commissioner?

What are two goals you would like to accomplish during your term of office?

How would you accomplish those goals?

Campaign Mailing Address 141 CHERRY LN
Campaign Phone 615-207-8609
Overseeing the resources and expenses necessary to provide for the common good of Rutherford County citizens. Examples of our resources are personnel, tax dollars and real property like school buildings and the courthouse. Examples of expenses are salaries, building maintenance and Department funding. Departments include Schools, Sheriff Dept, Ambulance/EMT Service and Solid Waste Dept. among others. Commissioners have to balance the cost of educating students, maintaining schools and roads and paying competitive wages with the obligation to keep taxes on all citizens at reasonable rates.
#1. Define and implement a long term, sustainable solid waste management program. A program that includes denying Republic Services a Middle Point Landfill expansion. #2. A process to upgrade infrastructure in conjunction with new school bonding and construction. This process will, ideally, include some contribution from stakeholders such as developers and new home buyers in a new school's zone.
#1. I'm involved in studying a variety of solid waste stream alternatives to our current haul / bury method. Of those alternatives a construction and demolition vendor and a single stream recycling vendor are being scrutinized. Further, we have begun collaborating with the City of Murfreesboro as they investigate a waste to energy vendor, among other initiatives. #2. I am a member of the Public Works Committee. We recently implemented a School Facilities Tax. It allows increased revenues and allows homebuilders to contribute to infrastructure improvements. Further, I am formulating a road improvement assessment district that will provide a method for developers and home buyers to contribute to the payoff of new road construction bonds.
Campaign Mailing Address 467 E COLLEGE ST
Campaign Phone 615-278-4831
Campaign Twitter Handle @@Kmullicane
A County Commissioner's four main responsibilities are: 1)Understanding the "kitchen table" issues affecting your neighbors. 2)Craft pro-active, fiscally sound, and socially responsible policies aimed at improving and protecting the lives of everyone in the community. 3) Allocate resources to sustain and support county operations and programs benefitting the community. 4)Take a pro-active approach to making long-term investments to ensure a stable, safe, and equitable future for ALL members of the community.
I want to address our affordable housing crisis and find a safe, sustainable solution to the Middle Point Landfill before it turns into an environmental crisis.
My immediate goal is to expand and protect affordable housing by regulating absentee investors, such as equity firms and large corporations, who are squeezing regular homeowners out of the market and crushing renters while using our county as a monopoly board. I also want to incentivize local developers and investors to participate in projects that create affordable housing opportunities. I will propose RuCo take a three pronged approach to our address our solid waste challenges: 1)Curbside recycling service and increasing the number of convenience centers. 2)Establish a Composting program for commercial producers of organic waste. 3) Pursue a Plasma Arc Gasification facility to convert non-recyclables into energy.