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The board of commissioners leads the county government—passing legislation and administering services and programs. Commissioners approve budgets, hire staff, and set policy.

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What do you see as the main responsibilities of a county commissioner?

What are two goals you would like to accomplish during your term of office?

How would you accomplish those goals?

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To support the Constitutions of Tennessee and USA. Represent citizens of my elected District and Rutherford County with ethics and without conflicts-of-interest. Prioritize and scrutinize the County Budget that reflects the best interest of all Rutherford County Citizens.
1. Middlepoint Landfill 2. Growth and Taxation

1. As Chairman Pro-tem, I will work with and coordinate activities with The Central Tennessee Regional Solid Waste Board, Murfreesboro City, RC Commission and Public Works to restrict out-of-region trash. This should eliminate up to 70% of the landfill volume. We must also plan to take the next step and develop a course of action (including recycling, etc.) to handle our waste if the Landfill closes or charges RC for disposal. 2. As Chairman of the RC Regional Planning Commission I will lead the effort to update our Comprehensive Plan and with community input develop our 25 year Vision for RC. This will include long-term land use plan, infrastructure, locating schools, commercial and industrial development and alternative revenue sources.
Campaign Phone 615-987-6376
Campaign Website http://www.mariah4tn.com
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The county commissioner enacts local ordinances and administers them. They approve budgets and oversee spending. County Commissioners serve on committees, such as planning, parks and recreation, and education and health committee.
We have some of the best schools in the state, but every year, that is at stake due to decisions made at the county and state level. My first goal is to protect our teachers, our students, and schools by making sure they have the resources to teach.

My next goal is to prioritize taking control of the overdevelopment in our county. Lets only approve SMART projects that our infrastructure can handle.
My education goals have simple solutions: raise teacher and faculty pay to retain good staff, let our teachers teach curriculum that is interesting and engages the student, encourage tech ed programs, and provide equitable access to resources, opportunity, and safety for all.

For too long we have allowed growth and development to spread like wildfire. This has had a tremendous impact on our roads, schools, and sewer system. We need to focus on SMART development that considers the existence of other projects approved, but not yet completed. We need to learn how to say "No."

We must solve the landfill issue by considering sustainable solutions to prolong the life of the landfill and the impact on the environment.