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Rutherford County SCHOOL BOARD, ZONE 3

School board members determine how the district functions, including approving the budget, curriculum, and school zones. They hire and evaluate the Director of Schools. The school board is responsible for adopting the policies that are followed throughout the school system. The policies they approve follow federal and state laws.

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What do you see as the main responsibilities of a county school board member?

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing the Rutherford County School Board at this time?

What role do you think a county school board member should have in the charter school approval process?

The chief responsibility of a county school board member is to serve and be a team player. I want to be one of the seven board members who work together to support the superintendent of schools. As a part of the board, I would work to make decisions that put our district youth in the best position to succeed. I believe the board should be people who are in tune with the community's needs and understand fiscal responsibility. I believe the board should also be an advocate for school administration, teachers, and support staff as they are the front line of education. They should have a voice in the decisions that impact their jobs and have the resources to execute their jobs effectively.
I believe embracing the growth and leading ahead of the curve of the growth Rutherford County is experiencing is probably the biggest challenge we are facing. Growth brings a lot with it. It brings challenges, and it also brings great opportunities. Rutherford County is a great place, and I believe we have an excellent school system. We have the leadership, resources, and capability to be a shining late if we can work together to develop a creative yet efficient strategy for this challenge. Growth doesn't mean you lose your identity. Rutherford County has traditionally been a small community, and we aren't that anymore. However, we can still embrace the values that made us great and learn to demonstrate them on a larger scale.
I believe each county school board member should be a voice and vote in the approval process. However, each board member should research charter schools and be open to learning for themselves. Additionally, I believe that the board should have focus groups that consist of administration from local schools and essential central office staff. These focus groups will allow us to hear all viewpoints regarding charter schools and develop a collective strategy. The entrance of charter schools within our community will impact our funding and educational structure.
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